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MBU is committed to creating a safe environment for everyone

The Dean of Students Office oversees Title IX and supports a campus culture that celebrates healthy relationships and mutual respect. We commit to respond to incidents, support all individuals through the Title IX process, provide fair and unbiased processes, and educate our campus community.

The Dean of Students Office in supporting the Title IX processes provides:

  • Prevention & Education
  • Response, Investigation, and Adjudication
  • and Support to all parties

Title IX Coordinator Contact Information

Title IX Policy

Submitting a Report or Formal Complaint

Any student, faculty, or staff member with questions or concerns about the applicable University policies or who believes that he or she has been the victim of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual violence is encouraged to contact the University’s Title IX Coordinator.

Complaints of sexual misconduct and sexual violence that do not fall under the University’s Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures will be addressed pursuant to the policies and procedures outlined here.

Submit a Report

 Individuals who have knowledge of alleged sexual harassment can file a report. A report:

  • Allows an individual who may have experienced sexual harassment to receive supportive measures from the University
  • Empowers the individual to decide if the individual wishes to pursue a Formal Complaint
  • Can be submitted by anyone who has knowledge of alleged sexual harassment or the individual experiences alleged sexual harassment
  • Click here to file a Title IX Sexual Harassment Report

As stated in the policy, the University will not pursue disciplinary action against Complainants or witnesses for disclosure of illegal personal consumption of drugs or alcohol where such disclosures are made in connection with a good faith report or investigation of Prohibited Conduct


Individuals involved in the Title IX processes have been trained to meet the requirements set forth by the Department of Education and in compliance with the Title IX Regulations. The training materials are available for public viewing in compliance with the Title IX Regulations.

Title IX Coordinator