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Missouri Baptist University offers college credit programs for high school students throughout Missouri and the metro St. Louis area. Public and private school students can earn college credit through the MBU Early College Partnerships program. Home-schooled students may earn credit through dual enrollment. These programs are an excellent way for students to empower themselves to get ahead in their educational pursuits.

MBU Early College Partnerships (ECP)

MBU ECP began at Missouri Baptist University in 1983 and is a dual credit program with public and private high schools. This program takes place exclusively on high school campuses, serving more than 45 communities. MBU ECP seeks to offer qualified high school students the opportunity to enroll in the same quality courses attended by MBU on-campus students.

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Dual Enrollment

Similar to ECP on high school campuses, homeschooled and other high school students have the opportunity to gain college credit through the dual enrollment program at Missouri Baptist University. This program enables students to take college general education courses on campus or online as they complete requirements for their high school diploma.

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MBU Early College Partnerships

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