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Despite this season, our commitment to serving you has never been greater 


MBU is back on campus! Learn more about our Return-To-Campus plan here.

Deciding where you’ll spend the next four years of your life is no small decision. Making that decision in the uncertain season we are living in due to Covid-19, can seem overwhelming. At MBU, we are here to help you navigate this difficult season and get you ready for the plan God has intended for your life. 

Missouri Baptist University is now offering a Test Optional Pathway for Freshman applicants who either cannot take or choose not to take the ACT/SAT/CLT. Students applying under this pathway will be evaluated primarily upon their high school transcripts and curriculum. While students who are admitted under the Test Optional Pathway are eligible for merit scholarships, Full Trustee Scholarship recipients must be admitted through MBU’s traditional admissions requirements.

If you are best served by the test-optional pathway, please select this option on your application to MBU at apply.mobap.edu. For more information, email your admissions counselor or admissions@mobap.edu.

Did you know that Missouri Baptist University also accepts the CLT? This test is now available virtually through remote proctoring. For more information about the CLT, visit here: https://www.cltexam.com/home