Student Parking Permit Registration - Missouri Baptist University (Mobap)

Students, register now for Welcome Weekend 2024!


Register your vehicle today!

At the beginning of each semester, all students must complete the vehicle registration form and bring it to the Public Safety office to obtain their parking sticker.

All students must register their intent to park a vehicle on campus and obtain a parking sticker by the first day of class each semester. All parking stickers are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Parking sticker are issued in the following manner:

  • Parking Lot A and Parking Lot B: Faculty/Staff, Graduate and Doctoral students
  • Parking Lot C and Marked Parking Spots on the shoulder of Dink-Marler Drive: Commuter students
  • Parking Lot D and NH Parking Lot: Resident students parking
  • Parking Lot E: Apartment residence only—must have E sticker

*After business hours, 4:30 PM, M-F, commuter students can park in parking lots A and B. No commuter students are allowed to park prior to this time and may be subject to a citation. Resident students must remain in their designated parking lot. No one may park in E lot without an E lot sticker.

Possession of a sticker for a specific lot gives you the privilege of parking in that lot but does not guarantee a parking space. Parking in any reserved and visitors’ spaces will result in a ticket or the possibility of your vehicle being immobilized by a vehicle boot device. No vehicle may be parked on campus without a parking sticker affixed to your vehicle or a temporary one-day parking hang-tag. The parking sticker should be affixed to the lower left rear window of the vehicle (back window driver’s side). Convertible automobiles or vehicles with a removable rear window should affix the sticker to the lower left front window (below state inspection sticker). Any vehicle that does not have the sticker affixed in the proper location or not readily visible may be subject to a citation.

Before registering your vehicle, make sure you read and understand MBU’s Traffic and Parking Regulations.

To register your vehicle, complete the registration form and bring it to the Public Safety Office.

Contact Public Safety

Public Safety: 314-744-5355
Public Safety Emergency: 314-744-5355
Office location:  Suite 101
Office Phone Number: 314-392-2374