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Student Accounts – Billing and Payment Information

The Office of Student Financial Services uses its knowledge and experience to advise its constituents of all the resources available for them to pursue; including scholarships, grants, student loans, parent loans, employment programs and tuition payment plans.

We are pleased to serve the financial needs of the student body from recruitment to graduation.

know what you owe

The Office of Student Financial Services encourages all students to frequently review their student account details via MyMBUAccess.

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2024-2025 Payment Deadlines

Fall 2024
Fall (8-week and 15-week courses) – – – August 19, 2024
Fall II (2nd 8-week courses only) – – – – October 14, 2024
Winter 2024
December 16, 2024
Spring 2025
Spring (8-week and 15-week courses) – January 13, 2025
Spring II (2nd 8-week courses only) – – -March 10, 2025
Summer 2025
Summer (8-week and 15-week courses) – – May 5, 2025
Summer II (2nd 8-week courses only) – – – -June 30, 2025

Students enrolled in a combination of 15-week and 8-week courses are required to pay by the first payment deadline of the term.
Students are financially responsible for the payment of tuition and fees upon registration.

Payment of Accounts

All accounts are due and payable by the first day of the semester. The University offers a variety of financial aid to assist students in paying accounts, which are described in the catalog section on financial aid, scholarships, military and veterans’ benefits. All institutional and external aid applications must be completed and submitted to the Student Financial Services Office at least ten working days prior to the first day of classes.

The student is responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of all applications. Should arrangements for payment appear necessary, such arrangements should then be made with the Student Financial Services Office in order to finalize official registration. Payment of account balance not covered by scholarships, aid, or an approved payment plan must be completed by the first day of class to avoid a late payment fee of $160.00 being assessed on your student account.

Payments can be made through the student portal, over the phone, by mail, or in-person. Students choosing to pay their student account via credit or debit card will incur a 2.85% non-refundable service fee appearing as a separate transaction at time of payment. There is no service fee charge assessed to those that pay their student account balance via e-check/ACH, personal check in-person, money order, or cash. (Please do not mail cash).

Accounts not covered in full by aid and/or approved payment plan by the first day of each term will incur a $160.00 late fee.

Missouri Baptist University has teamed up with NELNET Campus Commerce to enable students to budget expenses and set up an automatic semester payment plan.


  • Log in to MyMBU Access at
  • Click on My Payments/Refunds
  • Click on “Set up a Payment Plan”
  • Choose your preferred installment plan
  • Submit $30 enrollment fee
  • Enroll in a plan with E-check/ACH or a Credit/Debit Card (all card payments are charged a 2.85% non-refundable service fee per transaction)

Cost to Participate

  • One Time $30 non-refundable enrollment fee each term
  • $30 non-refundable returned payment fee if payment is returned

Click Here for Step-By-Step Instructions

Third-Party Billing and Employer Reimbursement

Third-party payments are defined as payments received by an outside agency that is billed through our third-party sponsored billing. Third-party sponsored billing is a billing method by which an entity, such as company, corporation or government agency, can establish direct invoicing and payment on behalf of the student. Third parties do not include parents or other family members.

Students must submit a third-party payment form each semester to the Student Accounts Office. If for any reason, the sponsor does not pay the invoice, the student will be liable for full payment of all charges incurred.

CLICK HERE to submit a third-party payment form

If your employer will reimburse you and requires an itemized statement, please CLICK HERE to submit an Itemized Statement Request Form.


Credit Balance Information

Students that have a credit balance on their account will receive refunds via paper check, direct deposit, or linked Venmo accounts. Missouri Baptist University has partnered with Nelnet Business Solutions to offer this service.

If you choose to receive your credit balance refund via direct deposit, you will receive your refund within 2-3 business days, much quicker than if you are sent a paper check (7-10 business days). By default, students are mailed a paper check to the local address on file. It is the student’s responsibility to update MBU with the correct local address.

Refunds resulting from a parent PLUS loan must be mailed to the parent listed on the PLUS application, unless the credit balance option on the PLUS application is to the student. There is no alternate delivery option for PLUS refunds.

Aid Disbursement and Refund Timelines

At MBU, disbursement occurs after two weeks of attendance have been recorded from the start of courses. After the first two weeks, the financial aid team needs an additional week to process and disburse financial aid. Once disbursement occurs, the student accounts team need an additional 14-day processing period to review and process refunds through Nelnet, our refund distributor. Every semester, the first and earliest available refunds occur after the 5th week of courses. Depending on your refund method, this means you could receive your refund during the 6th-8th week of courses. If you have extenuating circumstances and need a portion of your funds earlier, please contact our Financial Services Office at or call 314-392-2366. Refunds are not sent out until after disbursement. Failure to complete all required financial aid documents will delay your refund. Please check your student account frequently to ensure you have submitted all outstanding items that pertain to your financial aid.


What is a refund?
As financial aid is credited to your account it is applied to all charges first. If the amount of aid you receive is greater than your charges, then you will be refunded the credit balance. (Institutional scholarships and some other forms of aid are not refundable and will be reduced instead). If a refund is the result of an overpayment by a check/ACH payment, there is a 10-day hold before a refund of the overpayment may be issued. The institution will automatically apply any credit balance from personal payments to a future or prior balance. You may check your balance by logging into MyMBU Access.

What is the difference between refund and disbursement?
Students asking when aid will disburse often do not realize the distinction between disbursement and refunding student credit balances. Disbursement is when aid is paid from outside sources and directed to MBU to be applied to student accounts. MBU has 14 days from the date of disbursement to process a refund of credit resulting from Title IV aid. Refunds will be processed according to your preferred refund method.

What is Nelnet Refunds?
It’s a system that allows you to receive electronic refunds of student account credit balances. These refunds go directly into your bank savings or checking account or sent as a physical check.

How do I choose my preferred refund method?

  1. Log in to your student account at
  2. Click on MyMBU Access
  3. Click on My Refund. Clicking the My Refund link will authenticate you in Nelnet Enterprise the first time you log in.
  4. Please verify your profile information passed in to the system accurately and fill in any required missing fields and click Submit.
  5. Click on Manage Refunds. Select how you want to receive your refund and fill in the necessary information. Your refund will then be sent using the option that you selected.
  6. Use our Step-by-Step guide to set up your Refund Method.

What address will you use for mailing my refund?

Please keep your local address current as this is the address used for mailing student refund. Refunds will be mailed to local address on file with MBU at the time they are processed. If your credit balance is the result of a parent PLUS loan, the address on the PLUS application will be used to mail your refund.

To verify we have correct local address on file log into MyMBU

To review and update your addresses please click on the Edit Profile button in the upper left corner below your name.

You have the ability to update your billing, home and/or your local addresses.

Step-by-Step Guide-Updating Local Address in Portal

The local address is the address you live at while in school – (dorm, apartment, etc.) and is where your refund will be sent. During summer break, this should be changed to your Home address or wherever you will be receiving mail for the summer.

The billing address is the address where your billing statement will be sent.

The home address should be your permanent address.

All addresses need to be kept up to date and accurate to ensure you receive all MBU communications which can include statements, financial aid offers, refund checks, etc.

What happens if I change banks or want to change which account is used to deposit my refund?

You can update your direct deposit information any time in MyMBU Access by clicking on My Payments/Refunds and then “Manage My Refund” and then Edit Profile.

What if I do not cash my refund check within 90 Days and the check expires?
When a check expires after 90 days, Nelnet will void the check and return the refund to MBU. MBU will attempt to reach you to verify your account information to reissue the refund. If unable to reach you after two refund attempts, any Title IV credit balances (credit balances from Direct Student Loans, PLUS loans etc.) will be returned to the Title IV program to comply with federal regulations.

Last year I received a refund and this year I owe money. What happened?
There are several things that can change a student’s financial package from year to year. Each year tuition rates increase, and scholarships remain consistent. Students may opt to live in a more expensive dorm than a previous year. Sometimes students do not file their FAFSA by priority deadline of February 1 of the year proceeding and miss out on renewing eligibility for state aid. Students may lose eligibility for institutional or outside aid sources. Please consult with your Financial Aid Counselor to review your account and go over changes.

Withdrawal Policy

It is understood that each student enters for at least one term, and the University assumes the expense of making provisions accordingly. Therefore, a student’s withdrawal does not materially reduce the costs to the University. Tuition refunds are pro-rated from the date withdrawal is approved by the Records Office as follows in the case of a course load status change, such as: overload to full-time, full-time to part-time, a reduction of course load within the part-time status, or complete withdrawal/dismissal from the University.

Past Due Accounts

Students are expected to pay their balance by the due date. Failure or refusal to pay does not release students from their financial responsibility for assessed tuition and fees. Upon delinquency, Missouri Baptist University will place a Business Office hold on the student account, which will prevent the issuance of an earned certificate/diploma, and prevent future registration. Students are sent e-mail notifications via their MBU e-mail account notifying them of their balance.

Payment plans are available to assist students in rehabilitating their account with the University. Please contact the Student Accounts Office at for more information.

Third-Party Collections
Students who are no longer enrolled and whose student account is delinquent will be referred to a third-party collection agency and will no longer receive billing statements from the University. Once the student’s balance is placed in collections, the University is no longer able to offer a payment arrangement for the past due balance.

Account holders who wish to pay their debt should contact the third-party collection agency directly in order to make payment arrangements. Course registration will remain on hold until the account balance with the collection agency has been paid in full.

Missouri Baptist University currently contracts with three collection agencies:

National Credit Management
PO Box 32900
St. Louis, MO 63132

General Revenue Corporation
PO Box 495999
Cincinnati, OH 45249


201 N Brookwood Ave
Hamilton, OH 45013

1042-S Information for International Students

A 1042-S is a year-end federal tax document given to a non-resident alien who:

  1. Received wages exempted from federal and state tax withholding by a tax treaty; and/or
  2. Received a non-qualified taxable scholarship (Any amounts received for incidental expenses or by a non-degree candidate are taxable scholarships. Incidental expenses include room and board, travel, and expenses for equipment and other items that are not required for either enrollment or for attendance, or in a course of instruction).

The 1042-S has an income code, which describes the type of income being reported. In certain cases, you may receive a W-2 in addition to a 1042-S. The form is typically mailed at the same time as the W-2. The 1042S will be postmarked no later than March 15.

Form 1042-S Explained (Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding)

Form 1042-S Explained (Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding)

Box 1:  Income Code – This two-digit income code identifies the appropriate income source:

16 – Scholarship or Fellowship Grants
17 – Compensation for Independent Personal Services
20 – Pay for Individuals whose immigration purpose is Studying and Training
54 – Other Income

Box 2:  Gross Income – Entire Amount of the Payment

Box 3:  Chapter 3– If checked, amounts were reported under chapter 3 of the IRS Code.

Box 3a: Exemption Code – Reason for the Exemption Code.

02 – Exempt under IRS Code.
04 – Exempt under Tax Treaty.

Box 3b: Tax Rate – Withholding rate based on type of Income.

Box 4:  Chapter 4 – If checked, amounts were reported under chapter 4 of the IRS Code.

Box 4a:  Exemption Code – Reason for the Exemption Code

14 – Effectively connected income.
15 – Payee not subject to chapter 4 withholding.

Box 5:  Withholding Allowance – Personal exemption amount, if applicable.

Box 6:  Net Income – Generally left blank, unless Box 5 is used.

Box 7: US Federal tax withheld – The total dollar amount of federal income tax withheld from amounts credited to you that were considered income.

Box 9:  Total withholding credit – Not applicable to MBU.

Box 10 Total Witholding Credit– The total dollar amount of federal income tax withheld and paid to the IRS on your behalf.

Box 13b Country code – The country of which the recipient claims residency under that country’s tax laws.

Box 13e Recipient’s U.S. TIN, if any – U.S. taxpayer identification number.

1098-T Information and FAQ

Some of the more frequently asked questions are listed below. Should you have a question for which you cannot find an answer on our web page, please e-mail us at

Save time and help MBU go green. Choose to receive your IRS 1098-T form electronically as soon as it’s available instead of waiting for the mail. To opt-in, contact the Student Accounts Office.

What is Form 1098-T?

The Form 1098-T is a statement that colleges and universities are required to issue to certain students. It provides the total dollar amount paid by the student for what is referred to as qualified tuition and related expenses (or “QTRE”) in a single tax year.

Why don’t the numbers on Form 1098-T equal the amounts I paid to Missouri Baptist University?

Missouri Baptist University is required to report payment amounts that applied only to qualified tuition and related expenses. This may be less than the total payments made to the University, if part of those payments also paid charges other than qualified tuition and related expenses (ex: dorm and meal plans, insurance, health service fees, parking tags, books, etc.) which, though important, are not considered mandatory education expenses for tax purposes. Additionally, Form 1098-T reports amounts that the student paid in a calendar year, and the pay date does not necessarily correspond to the dates that the classes were attended. For example, tuition for the Spring semester is typically billed in the prior year so a student may have paid tuition for the Spring semester in November even though classes don’t start until January. The best and most accurate source of information about the amounts that you paid for qualified tuition and related expenses will be your billing statements.

When will I receive my Form 1098-T?

Your Form 1098-T will be available to you electronically through MyMBU Access by January 31st and mailed to your permanent address if you did not opt to receive your form electronically through your Financial Responsibility Agreement.

My accountant says that the University must provide me with a 1098-T

The University is not required, by the IRS, to furnish a Form 1098-T in the following instances:

  • If payments are for courses for which no academic credit is offered, even if the student is otherwise enrolled in a degree program.
  • If the enrolled student is a nonresident alien, unless requested by the student.
  • Students whose qualified tuition and related expenses are entirely waived or paid entirely with grants/scholarships.
  • Students for whom MBU does not maintain a separate financial account and whose qualified tuition and related expenses are covered by a formal billing arrangement between an institution and the student’s employer or a governmental entity, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs or the Department of Defense.

How do I use this form?

We are unable to provide tax advice. For guidance, please refer to IRS Publication 970 or a tax professional.

Payment Plan FAQs

Can someone else make payments on my account?

Yes. You can add an authorized party to your account to submit payments or set up a payment plan. Log in to MyMBU Access and click “My Payments/Refunds”. Once logged in to Nelnet, click on “Add an Authorized Party”. The authorized party will receive an email invitation to set up their own account. Once their account is activated, they can log in at

Can I change the due date of my payment?

Begin by clicking View Details on the Nelnet home page. Next, select Change Payment Date by the due date to be adjusted. MBU only allows 2 payment date deferrals. A date change request must be submitted at least 2 business days before your originally scheduled payment. Requests made within 2 business days cannot be processed and a payment cannot be cancelled once it has been initiated by Nelnet.

When are funds withheld from my account?

The payment date we display to you is the date we will request your bank to withdraw the funds from your account. We must submit the payment information to the Federal Reserve one-business day before the payment date in order to ensure the payment is withdrawn on the date disclosed. Depending on your bank’s policies, the payment may show as a pending payment on your account before the payment date. This may impact your available balance and limit funds you are able to withdraw. Please refer to your bank’s specific policies on what events impact your balance.

I do not see all of my aid included in my amount due.

If you have aid that requires documentation to be completed/submitted in order for us to be able to receive funds, or if funds have not been received from an outside private source, it will not be included in your Nelnet payment plan balance until all documents are completed/submitted and/or funds from outside sources received.

If I have additional charges added to my account will I have to pay another $30 enrollment fee?

No. If additional charges are added to your account after your initial enrollment in a plan your future monthly installments will increase to the amount needed cover your balance by the end of the term.

Financial Responsibility Agreement FAQs

What is the Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA)?

Students attending Missouri Baptist University are required to complete a Financial Responsibility Agreement, which is a form that details the expectations that each student has responsibility for costs incurred.

All students are expected to complete the form at the time of initial registration, and again after any break in enrollment. The form may completed online through a link e-mailed to you from MBU Staff.

The Financial Responsibility Agreement details MBU policies regarding:

  • Paying for student account charges during term enrolled,
  • How MBU will communicate with you regarding your account,
  • Affirming that your financial aid may be credited to your account to cover fees outside of regular tuition and fees incurred while in attendance,
  • Tuition refund schedule and withdrawal policy,
  • Enrolling in e-Billing,
  • Enrolling to receive your annual Form 1098T electronically.

If you select any options within the Financial Responsibility Agreement, you must contact the Student Financial Services Office to modify your previous selection.

Where can I find the forms hyperlinked in the FRA?

The links cited in the Financial Responsibility Agreement are available for reference below:

Tuition Refund Schedule & Withdrawal Policy
Billing Address Form
Change of Address Form
FERPA Information
FERPA Release Form

Why do I have to sign the FRA?

The Financial Responsibility agreement provides important consumer information and affirms student understanding of financial obligations to MBU, policies regarding holds, late fees, tuition proration, and electronic communication.

Can my parents sign the FRA on my behalf?

No. It is the enrolled student who is ultimately responsible for agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined in the MBU Financial Responsibility Agreement

I do not want to sign the agreement. What happens now?

You will not be allowed to enroll in coursework with MBU as this document is required of every student.

How do I change my selections in the FRA?

Please contact Student Financial Services to update your selections.