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Theatre Program Overview

MBU Theatre is a Christ-centered program that challenges our students to view their work through a Biblical vantage point. We believe that all truth is God’s truth, and therefore all great and truthful works of theatre carry within them glimmers of God’s redemptive plan.

Because of this foundation, we believe that storytelling through theatre is a calling worthy of intensive training. When you graduate from our theatre program you will not only have knowledge of theatre history, acting methods of Stanislavsky, Chekhov, Meisner, Strasburg, and many others, but also directing technique and wide variety of theater construction, design and production areas as well.

We purposefully want your education to be broad, but deep – giving you the opportunity to thrive in a transient job market that requires theatre students to work in a variety of positions.

Additionally, we give you ample opportunity to practice these skills. We produce six shows every season (plus a variety of recitals, showcases and capstones), allowing our students to choose design, tech or performance. This lets you tailor your education to your needs and goals.

Auditions & Scholarships

All students entering Missouri Baptist University must audition and receive approval from the theatre faculty before pursuing a theatre degree. The audition must be completed before or during the first week of classes. Email to sign up for an audition.

Performing Arts Scholarship Audition Form

Saturday, November 11, 2023 9 am-2 p.m.
Saturday, February 24, 2024 9 am-2 p.m.
Saturday, March 23, 2024 9 am-2 p.m.
Friday, April 5, 2024 by appointment

Auditionees are eligible for talent and ensemble scholarships. Auditions take place in the Pillsbury Chapel & Dale Williams Fine Arts Center. Anyone who is unable to attend in-person auditions may request to submit a video audition.

Performance Groups

Explore our many PERFORMANCE GROUPS to find something that fits your talents and interests! Any student, regardless of major, can audition for our ensembles. Most groups offer scholarships that can be combined with other academic offers and financial assistance.

MBU Theatre Experience

High School Juniors & Seniors/Transfers
Come spend Friday, November 10, 2023 with us, asking questions of our theatre faculty over coffee, workshopping your audition monologues and songs and touring the facility that you could make your home.
The MBU Theatre Experience is completely free and is recommended for Theatre, Musical Theatre and Speech/Theatre majors, as well as Theatre and Dance minors. More than anything, we hope that by being on campus you will see what we see in our program: a thriving community of artists devoted to their craft and to each other.

Theatre Major Requirements

Required Communications course: 3 hours
COST 403 Oral Interpretation of Literature

Required Performance courses: 8 semesters
MUSC 111/311 Theatre Production
THEP 111/311 Theatre Production

Required Theatre courses: 43 hours
THEA 101 Theatre Media
THEA 113 Acting I
THEA 123 Script Analysis
THEA 213 Stage Makeup
THEA 223 Acting II
THEA 233 Stagecraft
THEA 313 History of Theatre I
THEA 323 History of Theatre II
THEA 333 Directing
THEA 363 Acting III
THEA 412 Theatre Industry
THEA 413 Tools of the Actor: Voice and Movement
THEA 423 Theatrical Costuming
THEA 433 Stage Management
THEP 473 Theatre Internship
THEA 481 Senior Capstone Project
THEA 110 Theatre Forum

Total hours for Major in Speech/Theatre: 54

Recommended Electives:
ENGL 243 Intro to British and American Literature
ENGL 333A American Literature I
ENGL 333B American Literature II
ENGL 373 Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Milton
MUAV 101 Voice Lesson (Elective/Secondary)
THEA 131 Ballet I
THEA 141 Jazz I
THEA 331 Ballet II
THEA 341 Jazz II
THEA 351 Tap
THEA 361 Musical Theatre Styled Dance
THEA 353 Theatrical Arts and the Church
THEA 401-3 Special Topics in Theatre
THMU 353 Musical Theatre History

Theatre/Dance/Stage Management Minors

Required Theatre courses: 15 hours
THEA 113 Acting I
THEA 213 Stage Make-up
THEA 233 Stagecraft
THEA 313 History of Theatre I
THEA 323 History of Theatre II

Electives: 6 hours of upper division THEA/THEP/THDA and a minimum of 2 hours from performance classes (THEP 111/311 or MUTS 131/331).
Total hours for Minor in Theatre: 21


Required Theatre and Dance courses: 15 hours
THDA 101 – Fundamentals of Dance
THEA 131 – Ballet I
THEA 141 – Jazz I
THEA 331 – Ballet II
THEA 341 – Jazz II
THEA 351 – Tap I
THEA 361 – Musical Theatre Styled Dance
THDA 303 – Dance Composition
THMU 353 – Musical Theatre History (MOTR THEA 100C)
THEP 110/111/310/311 – Theatre Production (Three semesters required)
THDA 111 – Dance Lesson (Two semesters required)
Total hours for Dance Minor: 18


Required Theatre courses: 13 hours
THEA 123 – Script Analysis
THEA 333 – Directing
THEA 433 – Stage Management
THEP 110/111/310/311 – Theatre Production (4 semesters)

Required courses in other programs: 6 hours
MGMT 303 Management Concepts and Practices
PHED 133 First Aid and Emergency Care
Total hours for Stage Management minor: 19

MBU Theatre Diversity Statement

MBU Theatre firmly stands against racism and white supremacy and squarely stands in the words of Jesus, who tells us to “Love your neighbor as yourself,” (Matthew 22:39) and who has promised us that one day every tribe, tongue, people, and language will be worshipping together (Revelation 7:9). We believe that in theatre we have the opportunity to reflect and celebrate the beautiful diversity which God has created.

We know that there have been times in the past when we have failed our black and brown brothers and sisters and we also know that we will do so in the future. As we look forward in this time of reckoning with our collective past, we know it is important to pledge all the intangible and tangible ways we will move forward toward a more diverse and inclusive culture.

• We strive to create an environment in which all students know that their concerns can and should be heard and voiced.
• We promise to care for and educate our students without condition.
• We promise to serve our students, casts, crews, and production teams as modeled by Jesus. Elevating them and their needs above our own.
• We expect faculty and students to admit mistakes when they are realized and work to reconcile according to the standards laid out in Matthew 18:15-17.

• We promise to ensure that a BIPOC is represented as a director, masterclass instructor, or designer at least once each school year, with the understanding that as our department grows these opportunities will grow as well.
• We promise that no BIPOC will ever be asked to wear a costume or microphone that reflects the white skin tone and they will never be asked to purchase pieces when white pieces are in stock.
• We promise to make our audition process completely accessible to people of all socio-economic statuses by providing opportunities to audition via video or by sending a faculty delegate to their location. If you cannot afford an accompanist we will provide one or allow the use of tracks.
• We are calling on current students, alumni, and community members of faith to volunteer to comprise a “Race & Representation Council,” which will review our execution of these tangible and intangible commitments once per year, decide on goals for the following year, and release a report via our social media accounts. This council will also assist in auditions and season selection as they are able. This report will be released May of each year.

We hope that as we move forward MBU Theatre can be a true reflection of how good and pleasant it is when we dwell together in unity (Psalm 133:1).

Kasey Cox
Director of Theatre and Dance


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