Music Performance - Missouri Baptist University
Program Level
  • Bachelor's
Degrees Offered

BM in Performance

  • Traditional
  • College of Arts & Humanities
  • School of Performing Arts
Music Performance Program Overview

In accordance with the mission statement of Missouri Baptist University, the academic program, and the music discipline, this major focuses on preparing students for careers in performance and as private music teachers.

Students must select a performance concentration in Voice or Piano.

Auditions & Scholarships

All students entering Missouri Baptist University must audition and receive approval from the music faculty before pursuing a music degree. The audition must be completed before or during the first week of classes. Email or call 314-744-5364 to sign up for an audition.

Performing Arts Scholarship Audition Form

Saturday, November 11, 2023 9 am-2 p.m.
Saturday, February 24, 2024 9 am-2 p.m.
Saturday, March 23, 2024 9 am-2 p.m.
Friday, April 5, 2024 by appointment

Auditionees are eligible for talent and ensemble scholarships. Auditions take place in the Pillsbury Chapel & Dale Williams Fine Arts Center. Anyone who is unable to attend in-person auditions may request to submit a video audition.

Performance Groups

Explore our many PERFORMANCE GROUPS to find something that fits your talents and interests! Any student, regardless of major, can audition for our ensembles. Most groups offer scholarships that can be combined with other academic offers and financial assistance.

Music Performance Major Requirements

MUTH 103 Fundamentals of Music
MUTC 112 Music Computer Technology
MUTH 111 Sight Singing/Ear Training I
MUTH 113 Theory I
MUTH 121 Sight Singing/Ear Training II
MUTH 123 Theory II
MUTH 211 Sight Singing/Ear Training III
MUTH 213 Theory IIII
MUTH 221 Sight Singing/Ear Training IV
MUTH 223 Theory IV

Required Music History and Literature (MUHL) courses:
MUHL 313 Music History I
MUHL 323 Music History II
MUHL 332 Music History III

Required Music Education (MUED) course:
MUED 202 Basic Conducting

Required Music Recital Attendance (MURA) courses:
MURA 110/310 Recital Attendance (7 or 8 semesters)

Piano concentration (58 hours)
MUAP 112/312 – Piano Lesson (Major/Primary)
MUAS 110/310 – Studio Class
MURP 380 – Junior Recital
MURP 480 – Senior Recital
MUAI 101 – Instrument Lesson (Elective/Secondary)
MUAV 101 – Voice Lesson (Elective/Secondary)
MUAP 271 – Accompanying I
MUAP 371 – Accompanying II
MUED 352 – Advanced Conducting
MUHL 403 – Piano Literature
MUHL 413 – Piano Pedagogy
MUMI 342 – Music Industry
MUCL 110/111/310/311 – Chorale (MOTR PERF 102C)
MU_S Small Ensemble
MUTH Upper Division Theory Electives
Upper Division Music Electives
Foreign Language (2 semesters)

Voice concentration (58 hours)
MUAV 112/312 – Voice Lesson (Major/Primary)
MUAS 110/310 – Studio Class Semester Hours: Zero ♦
MURP 380 – Junior Recital
MURP 480 – Senior Recital
MUAP Piano
MUED 352 – Advanced Conducting
MUED 361 – Vocal Diction I
MUED 371 – Vocal Diction II
MUHL 443 – Vocal Pedagogy: The Science of Voice
MUHL 463 – Vocal Literature
MUMI 342 – Music Industry
MUCS 150A/151A/350A/351A – Opera Theatre I
MUCS 150B/151B/350B/351B – Opera Theatre II
MUCL 110/111/310/311 – Chorale (MOTR PERF 102C)
MUCL 130/131/330/331 – MBU Choral Society
MU_S Small Ensemble
MUTH Upper Division Theory Electives
Upper Division Music Electives
Foreign Language (2 semesters)