Fitness Management - Missouri Baptist University (Mobap)

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Program Level
  • Bachelor's
Degrees Offered

BA in Fitness Management
BS in Fitness Management

  • Traditional
  • College of Business & Entrepreneurship
  • School of Management & Marketing
Fitness Management Therapy Program Overview

Through the Christian worldview, the BS in Fitness Management program at Missouri Baptist University serves to prepare those students desiring to pursue careers related to the health, wellness, and fitness of the population. The curriculum is tailored to combine the biological and physical aspects of fitness and the psycho-social, ethical, economic, legal, and political factors affecting the management and administration of fitness organizations. Through the practical application of the programs theoretical underpinnings, fitness management majors learn about the health of the individual and the community, the physiological and clinical aspects of exercise, and the fundamentals of communication, entrepreneurship, and marketing. The application of the principles of management specific to fitness industry distinguishes this program from the others offered within the division.

Students graduating from Missouri Baptist University with a BS in Fitness Management will be able to:

  • To understand of the biological, physiological, and behavioral aspects of human health and exercise that are relevant to the health and fitness industry.
  • To understand how to prescribe exercise to the general population as well as special populations, such as individuals with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and osteoporosis among others.
  • To demonstrate knowledge and appropriate application of interpersonal and managerial skills required in the management of a health and fitness organization.
  • To demonstrate knowledge and application of the business principles in the management of a health and fitness organization, including marketing, law, and financial planning.
  • To use knowledge of health and fitness to improve outcomes in mental and physical health, including hypokinetic diseases and stress.

Possible Careers

The BS in Fitness Management program prepare students for entry into fitness management careers and/or post-graduate education in fields related to fitness management.

 Fitness management professionals work in a number of supervisory and managerial positions in fitness, sport, and exercise related organizations and businesses. Additionally, fitness management graduates may also pursue aspects of training and instruction. Examples include the following:

  • Health, fitness, and wellness clubs
  • Gyms and workout studios
  • Professional sport organizations
  • University and educational sport and fitness organizations
  • Sports performance centers
  • Personal training studios
  • Fitness and health industry sales and marketing
  • Rehabilitation centers, including physical and cardiac
  • Olympic training centers

 The BS in Fitness Management program also expertly prepares students for post-graduate education in fitness management, sport management, exercise science disciplines, business administration, among others. Area programs include the following:

  • Missouri Baptist University
  • SIU-Edwardsville
  • University of Missouri
  • University of Illinois
  • Maryville University
  • Saint Louis University

 Locally and regionally, the following organizations are potential employers of fitness management graduates:

  • Area athletic programs, including Missouri Baptist University, University of Missouri, University of Missouri Saint Louis, St. Louis Community College, SIU-Edwardsville, Maryville University, and area amateur programs.
  • Area sport and fitness organizations, including YMCAs, St. Louis Parks and Recreation, numerous local gyms and fitness clubs, local golf courses, among many others.

Fitness Management Bachelor’s Requirements

Degree Requirements

  • To complete a BS in Fitness Management, a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 must be maintained.
  • Total credit hours must be at least 128, and upper division credits (300-400) must be at least 45.
  • A minimum grade of C must be earned in courses required for the major, including any electives used to fulfil hours. Required courses for the Fitness Management undergraduate major can be found under the ‘major’ section on the second page of the Fitness Management degree sheet.
  • An internship is required for degree completion (in either EXSC or SMGT). The internship requirement can be met in one of two ways: 1) completion of EXSC/SMGT 476 Internship in semester prior to graduation; or 2) completion of EXSC/SMGT 223 Practicum in the second year and EXSC/SMGT 473 Internship in the semester prior to graduation.