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Available for fall, spring and summer terms

The Center for Cross-Cultural Study offers an exceptional opportunity for cross-cultural study at the distinguished Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC), a descendent of the oldest university in Argentina. There are three semester programs available to undergraduate students: the Semi-integrated Semester Program, the Spanish Studies program and the Internship/Service Learning. The semester program is based upon CC-CS’s unique Guided Direct Enrollment Model in which students benefit from three levels of cultural integration: 1, A 4 week intensive language and culture program 2, Direct enrollment at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba integrated with Argentine students and 3, Personal guidance in consciously synthesizing cultural experiences. The Córdoba Summer Program consists of a one-month Intensive Language and Culture Session including a homestay, cultural visits within Córdoba, a cultural day-trip to the estancias jesuíticas, and an overnight three-day trip to Buenos Aires.

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