Biochemistry - Missouri Baptist University (Mobap)
Program Level
  • Bachelor's
Degrees Offered

BS in Biochemistry
Minor in Biochemistry

  • Traditional
  • College of Science & Health
  • School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Biochemistry Program Overview

Biochemistry applies the ideas and theories of chemistry to the complex realm of biological systems. The minor is designed for students who want a strong background in biochemistry to complement their major area of study. Students who are enrolled in pre-professional programs may also find a minor in biochemistry to be helpful to their professional preparation.

Possible Careers

  • Assistant Scientist
  • Biochemist
  • Technical Sales Representative
  • Business Process Analyst
  • Research Assistant

Biochemistry Minor Requirements


Required Chemistry (CHEM) courses: 17
CHEM 313+312 Organic Chemistry I 5
CHEM 323+322 Organic Chemistry II 5
CHEM 443+441 Biochemistry 4
BCHM 453 Principles of Medicinal Chemistry
BIOT 313 Experimental Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 3

Students must take one elective from the following that has not been applied toward their major:
BCHM 453 Principles of Medicinal Chemistry 3
BIOL 343+341 Genetics 4
BIOL 373+371 Microbiology 4
BIOL 383 Instructional Methods and Problems 3
BIOL 423 Cell Biology 3
BIOL 443 Advanced Human Physiology 3
BIOT 313 Experimental Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 3
CHEM 342+332 Analytical Chemistry 4
CHEM 472+462 Molecular Modeling 4
CHEM 373 Instructional Methods and Problems 3

NOTE: CHEM 143+142, MATH 264, and PHYS 223+221, or their equivalents, are prerequisites for some of the above courses; check the individual course description for details.

Biochemistry Bachelor’s Requirements

Students are required to complete 32-38 hours in Biochemistry and Chemistry, 15 hours in Biology and 3 hours in Biotechnology. In addition, they will complete 9 hours of upper division electives: 3-6 from Chemistry and 3-6 from Biology/Biotechnology.

Sample Four-Year Plan

View a sample four-year plan for BS Biochemistry.