Student Success Advisor - Missouri Baptist University (Mobap)

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I. Basic Functions 

The Student Success Advisor serves as the academic advisor and mentor for students enrolled at Missouri Baptist University.  Student Success Advisors are assigned caseloads of undergraduate students for the primary purpose of academic advising, academic progression, and completion of the student’s program of study which spans the student’s entire college experience. Student Success Advisors build meaningful relationships with students and assists them in their academic endeavors, cultivating an environment of care and concern.  The Student Success Advisor engages a holistic model of developmental and transformative support with students for course planning and selections, major options, and career and educational goals.  The ability to intuitively discern the overall needs of a diverse population is important for the Student Success Advisor to retain students and guide them to graduation. 

II. Responsibilities & Authority 

  • Advise students on academic processes, procedures, and plans for success and completion. 
  • Strive to meet student needs related to success and retention using a holistic model of care and concern.  
  • Advise students on course selection, assist them in the registration process and academic goal setting. 
  • Teach students beneficial college success skills such as: study skills, time management, organization, critical thinking skill and career exploration. 
  • Assess students’ complex needs, offer suggestions when appropriate, and make relevant referrals. 
  • Engage in regular monitoring of academic progress, data collection supporting retention and completion efforts and athletic eligibility parameters. 
  • Develop educational plans for students and recommend applicable resources. 
  • Collaborate with faculty, academic divisions and other ASC staff on advisement issues. 
  • Remain current with NACADA best practices. 
  • Monitor individual student progress and perform proactive advising outreach to discuss academic issues, program completion, and career goals to support retention while ensuring compliance to standards, policies and procedures. 
  • Collaborate with the university community to support students’ educational experience resulting in action plans leading to student persistence. 
  • Collaborate with the Career Development Department to assist students in career exploration to assist with the academic advising process. 
  • Promote a culture of acceptance and hospitality. 
  • Refer students to Disability Services Coordinator when appropriate. 
  • Supervise Student Success Center students, student staff and operations. 
  • Assist the Director of Student Success, Academic Advising, and Retention in interviewing, hiring, and training ASC staff. 
  • Assist the Assistant Director of Assessment, Data, and Project Coordination in the collection and analysis of student and program data. 
  • Other duties as assigned by Director of Student Success, Academic Advising, and Retention. 

III. Relationships 

Reports to Director of Student Success, Academic Advising, and Retention 

IV. Performance Measurement Criteria 

An annual performance evaluation shall be conducted by Director of Student Success, Academic Advising, and Retention to determine if the positions overall performance is meeting the expected requirements of his/her role and to review and analyze strengths and weaknesses, with focus on future goals and objectives. 

V. Requirements 

Ideal Candidates will be a professing and committed Christian with an understanding and commitment to uphold the Southern Baptist Faith and Message within the context of an intentionally Christian liberal arts university. 


  • Earned Masters in College Student Affairs, Education, Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, or equivalent discipline 
  • Two years professional experience in college advisement 


  • Earned Bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, counseling, education or equivalent discipline  
  • Two years related professional experience 
  • Demonstrate student-centered philosophy and excellent interpersonal skills 
  • Demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills 
  • Demonstrate effective organizational and administrative skills 
  • Demonstrate leadership and initiative 
  • Ability to provide balanced judgement when working with students, parents, university staff, and academic departments in high stress situations 
  • Ability to identify professional/personal limitations and refer student issues appropriately 
  • Ability to operate with flexibility in a high energy working environment 
  • Responsibly manage confidential information 
  • Demonstrate computer competency including familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite 

VI. Compensation 

Salary based on education, experience and proven accomplishments.  For information regarding benefits, please refer to the Employee Handbook. 

To apply for this job, please send your resume, statement of faith and cover letter to