Graduate Assistant – Game Liaison - Missouri Baptist University

Under the direct supervision of the Assistant Director of Athletic Operations, the Game Liaison Graduate Assistant is responsible for serving as the home game day liaison.

Ensures game day areas are set up and ready for officials, visiting team, and spectators. Oversees game day events for efficiency, safety, and experience for all for the aforementioned groups.

Responsibilities and Authority

Within the limits of authorized university policies, procedures, programs and budgets, the Game Liaison Graduate Assistant is responsible for and has the commensurate authority to accomplish responsibilities and duties including but not limited to:

  • Scheduling their events to manage before the first day of each new semester.
    • Showing up on time, dressed professionally to all assigned games.
    • Conducting pre-game activities according to protocol as set out by the Athletics Department and the University.
    • Following game day protocol as set out by the NAIA Champions of Character guidelines.
    • Greeting Officials and Visiting teams and taking them to locker rooms.
    • Standing by the gym doors or field entrance and monitoring all entering spectators.
    • Enforcing gate, allowing entry into any gated home game only after hands are stamped.
    • Protecting the observance of pre-game prayer and the National Anthem by closing the gym doors and refusing entry to spectators until complete.
    • Overseeing game for safety of players and spectators. Ensure overall atmosphere of the game day experience is positive.
    • In conjuncture with Public safety, stepping in if necessary to correct unruly players or spectators, and removing them from the premises.
    • Adhering to University emergency protocol for all injuries, weather, or emergency situations.


  • The Game Liaison GA will observe the following relationships:
  • Assistant Director of Athletic Operations
  • The Game Liaison GA is directly accountable to the Assistant Director of Athletic Operations for the properinterpretation and fulfillment of their function, their specific and general responsibilities, related authority, and their relationships.
  • Coaches
  • The Game Liaison GA is responsible for communicating efficiently and effectively with coaches in an effort to do their job well.
  • Officials, Visiting Teams, and Spectators
  • The Game Liaison GA is responsible to mediate home games as described by the NAIA for the Game DayLiaison position. This includes, but it not limited to, greeting all of the aforementioned groups, ensuring theability of each group to access the appropriate areas (locker rooms, gym, bathrooms, etc.) They are to moderate the game day activities and ensure safety for all participants.

Performance Measurement Criteria

An annual performance review is to be conducted by the Assistant Director of Athletic Operations. This review will include assessment of work duties, ability to follow protocol, strengths and weaknesses based on a reviewof the Job Description and recent performance and proposed personal and professional development.

Minimum Requirements

  • Education and Experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree and seeking Master’s Degree. Previous game management experience preferred, but not required.
  • Personal Qualities
  • Resourcefulness in obtaining information, energetic, integrity, loyalty and cooperation, Commitment, positive outlook, professional demeanor.
  • Spiritual qualities
  • Personal relationship with Christ, reputation beyond reproach, active membership in local church
  • A testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ and a commitment to perform duties consistent with and not contrary to Baptist Faith and Message 2000
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • People oriented, able to motivate people, impartial, able to work with various personalities.
  • Communication Skills
  • Must be able to impart ideas, information, facts, or feelings so that the receiver of the message can understand and respond through decoding and feedback.
  • Management Skills
  • Fast analysis, organized, ability to implement plans quickly if necessary, control by setting standards, evaluate conformance to standards, and take appropriate action if the standards are not met or are exceeded.


Compensation will be graduate scholarship in Fall and Spring semesters (excluding Summer), based an amount pre-determined by the Assistant Director of Athletic Operations and the Associate Vice President and Director ofAthletics. The Game Liaison GA is required to sign a scholarship yearly.

To apply, interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, and statement of Christian faith to Kymberlee Grannemann at