Jack Othic - Missouri Baptist University

MBU is proud to be an approved teach-out institution for Fontbonne University students. RSVP now to attend our Fontbonne Transfer Day event on Tuesday, April 23.

Hi, I’m Jack Othic! I’m the transfer admissions counselor here at MBU! I grew up in Imperial Missouri where I went to Seckman Highschool. I graduated in 2018 and continued my education at Jefferson College where I earned my Associates degree. I then transferred to Missouri Baptist University where I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Ministry in 2022.

In terms of my pastimes and hobbies I’m a jack-of-all-trades. I enjoy watching sports, talking about food, playing video games, reading, listening to music, traveling, hanging out with my friends, watching new shows, discussing politics and theology, and hopefully returning back to school! For me, these hobbies have allowed me to make conversation with just about any student that I come across, which I find crucial when building relationships.

During my time at MBU I married my Highschool sweetheart, Alexis, and together we’ve just welcomed our first son Augustine, but we just call him Gus. We go to White Flag Church where I serve in our church’s youth group and young adults small group and teach from time to time. The moment I graduated from MBU I was eager to get a job here on campus! There is something special about the care and community that I’ve experienced here! As a student I could feel the extra care given out of love and faith towards me! Now as an employee, I’m eager to show that care to each of my students!