Dual Enrollment on Campus

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Homeschool, public and private high school students have the opportunity to gain college credit through the dual enrollment program at MBU. This program enables students to earn college credit for general education courses as they complete requirements for their high school diploma.


  • 15 years of age & have sophomore standing  
  • High school transcripts must have cumulative GPA  

Next Steps:

  1. Apply*
  2. Submit your transcripts and test scores to
  3. Schedule an appointment with the dual enrollment counselor
  4. Choose a course from the following approved course list.
  5. You may review the course schedule online if you would like prior to the appointment.

*Must apply by August 1st


  • Courses must be chosen from the approved course list. However, if you wish to take a course that does not appear on the approved list, you must complete an exemption form.
  • Course prerequisites apply. (Prerequisites are listed on the approved courses list)
  • Class entrance is based on space availability.
  • Maximum of 2 classes permitted per semester. Labs are not included.
  • Students typically take English Composition, General Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, College Algebra, U.S and Missouri Government and Constitution, and introduction to Biology.
  • Cost: $129 cost per credit hour for 2020-2021 Academic Year and $87 parking fee per semester.
    Additional costs are associated with some courses. See the second page of the tuition fee document for reference.
  • To have a transcript sent to a different university, please contact the records department.

Enrollment Deadlines:

  • Enrollment for Spring 2021 courses begins May 1st and ends December 4th  
  • Setup a registration appointment by contacting the Dual Enrollment Counselor 

Contact Information: 

Main Campus:

  • Dual Enrollment Counselor: Alec Blackford
  • Email: Alec.Blackford Office: 314.392.2296

MBU’s Troy/Wentzville Campus: