School of Nursing - Missouri Baptist University

The Missouri Baptist University School of Nursing will prepare students spiritually, intellectually and professionally through a foundation of liberal arts education. Students integrate personal faith in the practice of nursing, serving in a global and culturally diverse society.

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School of Nursing

Our Philosophy

Every person is made in the image of God, which endows them with equal intrinsic value irrespective of any race, gender, culture, or religion, and denotes specific qualities that reflect the image of God in their intellect, emotion, will, and spirituality (Genesis 1:26-27; Ecclesiastes 3:1-11, ESV). All people have a sin nature that separates them from God, which means no one is inherently good in and of themselves and that while people are free to choose to reject Him, faith in Jesus is the only way to salvation (Genesis 3; Romans 5:3-11, ESV). Nursing education is unique in that while steeped in principles of realism and the scientific method as a body of knowledge, it also contains an aesthetic-spiritual way of knowing that requires a great deal of emotional intelligence and critical spiritual reflection. At its core, nursing education is discipleship as modeled by Jesus with His disciples throughout the Gospels (Matthew 8:26-27; Matthew 14, ESV), where educators provide active and engaging educational experiences that allow for faculty and peer role-modeling, positive and constructive feedback, and contemplative reflection so that learners can develop critical thinking to make discerning judgments in their own search for truth. Within this learning community, faculty serve students through utilizing the best technology and evidence that fosters information sharing to advance learner’s knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the profession of nursing, where students are ultimately responsible for their own personal and professional growth.