New Student Accessibility Services - Missouri Baptist University

New student accommodation applications will open May 1–July 1, 2024


Start the process for receiving accommodations.

MBU’s Office of Student Accessibility Services serves students who are applying for accommodations at Missouri Baptist University for the very first time. The process can seem overwhelming, so please know we are here to help! We care for you!

Here are the steps when applying for accommodations for the first time:

Provide Documentation

All accommodations reviewed are based on a documented disability that is hindering academic progress and/or is a barrier to equal access. This is why the very first step is providing a letter from a licensed medical professional (doctor/counselor). Contact our office to receive detailed instructions about the letter and how to send the letter to our office.

Wait for review

Once the documentation is received and reviewed, our office will contact you about an office appointment to discuss the accommodation decision. If our office does not receive a reply after two attempts, the accommodation request will be considered inactive.

Obtain approved VISA

If approved, our office will create a VISA (verification of individual student accommodations) for you. The VISA will be sent to your student email. It is the student’ s responsibility to share the VISA with each professor. If the VISA is not shared, the professor is not responsible for providing the accommodations.

What to know about a VISA

  • A VISA is effective from signature date through the end of the term.
  • Accommodations are not retroactive.
  • A VISA is renewable each semester the student attends Missouri Baptist University.

Our office contacts the student at the end of each semester asking for renewal. A student email reply is needed to receive the renewed VISA. No further documentation is needed, unless there is a need for revision.

For current MBU students applying the first time for accommodations, a VISA cannot be issued in the last two weeks of a semester.

Most importantly, know our office is praying for your success here at MBU! We are thankful God led you our way and that we have the opportunity to serve you!