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International Student FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign into myMBU?

To sign into myMBU to access your email and student portal, you will need to use your student email, which is your student ID number (example: The first time that you log in, you will need to set your password. To do so, please go to the Password Reset Portal.

Can international students apply for financial aid?

International Students are not eligible for U.S. government grants or loans; however, there are a number of scholarships available through Missouri Baptist University.  To learn more, visit the Scholarship Information page.

Can I apply without an English proficiency exam score?

MBU may waive the English proficiency exam requirement under certain circumstances.  Please note that the Director of International Experiences reserves the right to request proof of English proficiency from any applicant.

How do I get housing on campus?

To get on-campus housing, please visit our Residence Life page and complete the housing application. On-campus housing is not currently available for Graduate Students.

How do I get access to transportation?

Many students who attend the university purchase cars, especially if they choose to live off campus.  The local Metro bus does come to MBU.  To learn more about schedules and routes, visit the Metro Transit website.

How do I transfer credits to Missouri Baptist University?

Students transferring from another college, whether U.S. or international, are required to submit official transcripts from all schools attended.  For any credits earned at an institution outside of the U.S., a transcript evaluation is required from an approved transcript evaluation service. Please refer to your admissions checklist or contact the Office of International Experiences for more information.

Where is Missouri Baptist University located?

Missouri Baptist University is located in Creve Coeur, Missouri, which is right outside of the city of St. Louis. Missouri is centrally located within the United States.

Can I stay on campus during holiday vacation breaks? / If no, what are the other alternatives?

You may be able to stay on campus during short breaks with the advance approval of your Resident Director. Please contact Residence Life directly for details on cost and availability. Otherwise, students can contact the Office of International Experiences for additional guidance.

How do I prepare for the weather?

St. Louis weather can get very cold.  Bring warm clothes for the winter including a heavy coat, as we do experience snow and ice in the winter.  Spring and Fall are generally mild, with only a light jacket or sweater being necessary.  Summer weather is warm and can sometimes reach temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.