Broadcast Media Four-Year Plan—ODD YEAR - Missouri Baptist University

Broadcast Media Four-Year Plan—ODD YEAR

Refer to this sample four-year plan when starting in an odd-numbered year. 

FALL—Semester 1SPRING—Semester 2
COMM 223: Introduction to Mass Media
COMM 103: Speech Communications
ENGL 113: English Composition I
CBIB 113: Old Testament History
IDST 101: The Keynote
Mathematics Elective

16 credits
COMM 263: Intro to Audio and Video Production
ENGL 123: English Composition II
CBIB 123: New Testament History
BCIS 103: Survey of Computing
Social/Behavioral Science Elective

15 credits
FALL—Semester 3SPRING—Semester 4
COMM 203: Understanding Human Communications
COMU 323: Principles of Sound
COMT 363: Video Production Techniques
ENGL 203: World Literary Types
Biological Science Elective

15 credits
COEN 223: Basic Reporting and Writing for Journalism
COMU 343: Studio Recording I
KHSC 333: Health and Wellness
POLS 103: US and MO Government/Constitution
Physical Science and Lab Elective

15 credits
FALL—Semester 5SPRING—Semester 6
COMT 353: Convergent Media
COMT 413: Broadcast Techniques
COMT 483A: Studio Production I
COMT 343: Basic Post-Production
Foreign Language Elective (B.A. only)
Math or Science Elective (B.S. only)

15-16 credits
COMR 383: Media Technologies
COMT 483B: Studio Production II
COMT 463: Advanced Post-Production
Foreign Language Elective (B.A. only)
Math or Science Elective (B.S. only)
Arts and Humanities Elective

16-17 credits
FALL—Semester 7SPRING—Semester 8
COMM 412: Media Interviewing Theory and Technique
COMT 473: Broadcast Media Internship
MATH 243: Prob. and Statistics (B.S. only) OR Elective
Social/Behavioral Science Elective

14 credits
COMM 461: Seminar Communications Seminar
COMM 483: Media Law and Ethics
IDST 403: World Citizen
Arts and Humanities Elective

16 credits