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Missouri Baptist University offers Test-Optional Pathway for Admission

Missouri Baptist University offers Test-Optional Pathway for Admission

In light of COVID-19 restrictions, students beginning courses at Missouri Baptist University in 2021 are now eligible for a test-optional admission pathway. This pathway will allow students to be admitted to the University and be eligible for merit scholarships without submitting standardized test scores, including the ACT, SAT or CLT.

“Offering a test-optional pathway provides a level playing field for all students in the face of unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic,” said Bryce Chapman, vice president for enrollment, marketing and university communications. “In addition, the pathway provides yet another means to evaluate a student holistically, understanding MBU students bring so much more than a test score to our University.”

Under this policy, first time students will be eligible for admission at all MBU campuses and for online programs without submitting their scores. Students applying under this pathway will be evaluated primarily upon their high school transcripts and curriculum. While students who are admitted under the Test-Optional Pathway are eligible for merit scholarships, Partial and Full Trustee Scholarship recipients must be admitted through MBU’s traditional admissions requirements. 

When applying to MBU, students may choose if they prefer the traditional admissions pathway or the new test-optional pathway. Students who have already applied for spring or fall 2021 will be eligible for consideration under the test-optional admission pathway.

The traditional admissions pathway takes into consideration standardized testing scores among other criteria when evaluating a student’s admissions application. The test-optional pathway will be in effect for students applying to matriculate at MBU through fall 2021.

For prospective students seeking more information about MBU’s test-optional pathway, please email Cynthia Sutton, executive director of undergraduate admissions, at Cynthia.Sutton@mobap.edu.