Ryan Krupp: Alumni Success Story - Missouri Baptist University (Mobap)

Ryan Krupp: Alumni Success Story

Ryan Krupp graduated from MBU in 2015 with a B.S. in Business Administration. Krupp’s drive for competition, strategy and high stakes, combined with his desire to use his talents to serve others, allows him to be a great lawyer for those in need.

In addition, Krupp recently began teaching constitutional law at MBU, inspiring students to strive for success.

Krupp chose to pursue law because he knew it was the most effective way to use his talents to serve others. Krupp’s biggest accomplishments are simply seeing the faces of clients after he settles their cases.

Looking toward the future, Krupp desires to continue providing justice to those who need a great lawyer, as well as to expand his roles in the community and to give back to MBU, as it impacted such a great part of his life.

On top of pursuing a career in law and teaching at MBU, Krupp is the Pro Bono Committee Chair for the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis, is a member of the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, and is a co-host of the “Outside the Law Podcast.” He is on the MBU Alumni Board and is currently working on developing the MBU Mock Trial Program with the help of a few of his colleagues.

Krupp values his education and his career, and he uses both as an outlet to encourage others to also strive for success.

“My number one piece of advice for young adults is be relentless in every aspect of your life,” Krupp said. “Trust God and be a light.”