Cameron Poole: Alumni Success Story - Missouri Baptist University

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Cameron Poole: Alumni Success Story

As a young man, Cameron Poole saw a need for change in education. So naturally, he is now leading the charge for change.

MBU alumni Cameron Poole (’17) currently serves as the Director of Equity and Inclusion for the Clayton School District. In this role, Poole suggests and implements policies, programs and resources to promote equity and inclusion in the schools and surrounding community.Poole’s vision for equity includes educating faculty, students and their families of the social and cultural differences that may affect learning. Equity recognizes differences but focuses on fairness. Poole has always valued equity, especially in education. “I want the opportunity to create systemic, foundational change that will stand the test of time,” Poole said.

Poole started his education career as a high school teacher for the Wright City and Parkway School Districts. This role allowed him to see, firsthand, the need for change and the importance of equity in the education system.

Poole continued his journey as an educator and became the Assistant Principal for the Rockwood School District. As Assistant Principal, Poole worked with students on conflict resolution, established school policies and cultivated a healthy learning environment.These experiences allow him to excel in this leadership role within the Clayton School District.

Poole works with one goal in mind- build up strong leaders that value integrity, truth and equity. While this opportunity allows him to create an impact, this is not the end of the road for Poole. He is currently enrolled in a doctoral program to become a superintendent. “Seeing the need for change propels me forward,” Poole said. His work as Director of Equity and Inclusion is only the beginning of the higher-level change he plans to bring.