Theatre Assistant and Shop Manager for the School of Performing Arts - Missouri Baptist University

Under the supervision of the Director of Theatre and Dance, the Theatre Assistant and Shop manager is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of theatre storage spaces as well as the organization and implementation of tasks related to the MBU Theatre and Dance season. The Fine Arts Division exists to train the next generation of professional storytellers to produce art that is excellent and Spirit-filled.

Responsibilities and Authority

Tasks would include:

Theater Assistant 

  • Various administrative tasks as assigned by the Director of Theatre and Dance.
  • Manage audition table.
  • Run and manage students shop points.
    • Create tasks for students to earn shop points.
    • Check in and send out shop point updates to students.
    • Keep track and record students shop points, load-in, and strike credits.
  • Oversee student workers.

Shop Manager

  • Create shopping lists and purchase materials for load-ins and shows.
  • Oversight of the organization and maintenance of prop closet, costume closet, offsite storage unit, and shed outside of theater.
  • Organizing and help with tech item rentals. 
  • Communicate with the show designers, TD and carpenter.
    • Getting list of items/materials that need to be purchased for the shows.
    • Organizing how many students are needed during load-in and confirm load-in times.
    • Ask for designers desired times to work in the space and coordinate with Fine Arts Administrative Assistant on space reservations.


The Fine Arts Events Manager will observe the following relationships:

Associate Dean, School of Performing Arts: All Performing Arts faculty and staff report to the Associate Dean.

Director of Theatre and Dance: The Theatre Assistant and Shop Manager reports directly to the Director of Theatre and Dance.

Fine Arts Administrative Assistant: The Theatre Assistant and Shop Manager should not ask the Fine Arts Administrative Assistant to complete tasks, but she/he can be a source of information and assistance with general questions.

Performance Measurement Criteria

An annual performance review will be conducted by the Director of Theatre and Dance, including an assessment of the performance of all tasks related to the position based on the job description and recent performance.

Minimum Qualifications

The Theatre Assistant and Shop Manager should have demonstrated experience and/or education in the area of technical theatre.


The Fine Arts Event Manager is a $15 per hour, 20 hour per-week position.


To apply, please submit a letter of interest, resumé, and statement of faith to Director of Theatre and Dance, Kasey Cox at