Fireflies’ Light

A Magazine of Short Poems

Submission Guidelines

Fireflies’ Light is an online magazine that showcases short poems, essays on poetry and poetics, and book reviews.  It is published twice a year by the Department of English at Missouri Baptist University, One College Park Dr., St. Louis, MO 63141.  Interested students, faculty, and friends of the Department may submit manuscripts to john.han@mobap.edu.  We consider up to ten poems, up to two essays on poetry and poetics (150-1,000 words), and up to two book reviews (500-1,000 words) during a reading period.  Write “FL – your name” in the subject line. (For example, “FL – Erin Smith”).  Along with your work, submit a 100-word author bio written in third person and in complete sentences.  Starting with Issue #24 (September 2021), Fireflies’ Light will be published biannually.  Below are the reading periods and target publication dates:

                        Reading Period                    Publication Date

                        February                               March 15

                        August                                   September 15

Submissions received outside the reading periods will be neither acknowledged nor considered.  Short poetic forms include, but are not limited to, haiku, senryu, tanka, kyoka, sedoka, sijo, somonka, haibun, gembun, lanterne, ABC, cinqku, cinquain, couplet, Etheree, fibonacci (fib), free verse, limerick, lune, octet, quatrain, and triolet.  A poem should follow the rules for the chosen form, and the author must identify the form used in the poem parenthetically after the title.  

Missouri Baptist University reserves the right to publish accepted submissions in Fireflies’ Light; upon publication, copyrights revert to the authors.  By submitting, authors certify that the work is their own. All submissions are subject to editing for clarity, grammar, usage, and Christian propriety.  The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of Missouri Baptist University. 

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