Office of Student Success, Advising and Retention

students walking through quad

The Student Success Center provides services and resources to enhance learning inside and outside of the classroom to improve students’ success at MBU. The SSC office is in room 117/119 of the Field Academic Hall. Some of the resources we offer are listed below:

Tutoring Services:

The Student Success Center offers free tutoring services to MBU students. Students can meet individually with a tutor to receive help in various disciplines.

Writing Services:

The Student Success Center offers free writing assistance to MBU students. Services range from brainstorming to revisions.

Study Skills Development:

The Student Success Center offers study skills help for MBU students including topics like time management and study habits.

Testing Services:

The Student Success Center allows students to take missed classroom tests in the SSC, provided the student has instructor approval.

Student Success Advising:

Students new to MBU will be assigned a Student Success Advisor. Additionally, the SSC offers mentoring to students that request it.

Student Disability Services:

The Student Disability Services Office provides services to individuals with major life disabilities. Students must self-identify their disability to the Office of Student Disability Services.