Commercial Voice - Missouri Baptist University (Mobap)

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Program Level
  • Bachelor's
Degrees Offered

BM in Performance

  • Traditional
  • College of Arts & Humanities
  • School of Performing Arts
Commercial Voice Program Overview

Students in the Commercial Voice Concentration begin with traditional voice instruction for the first two years and then transfer into specialized voice lessons for commercial styles after passing their sophomore proficiency. Commercial Voice students get in-studio training with Artist-in-Residence Erin Bode and singer/songwriter Mark Roach during the Studio Techniques classes.

This course is offered in the traditional class setting, as well as private music instruction, and studio techniques classes held at Lutheran Hour Ministries studios.

Possible Careers

Potential careers for someone with this degree include:

  • Recording artist
  • Band member
  • Theatre performer
  • Studio musician
  • Studio engineer
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Music instructor
  • Music minister
  • Music editor/arranger

Commercial Voice Bachelor’s Requirements

All music degrees require the student to have a primary performance concentration that leads to a Senior Recital and a secondary performance concentration. The Bachelor of Music in Performance degree requires the student to concentrate in one of two applied areas: piano or voice.

All persons majoring in any music field are required to have seven (for Music Education) or eight (for all other music majors) semesters of completed (passed) recital attendance.

All persons majoring in any music field are required to present a senior recital. Majors in the Bachelor of Music in Performance- Commercial Voice are required to present a 30-minute junior recital and a 50-minute senior recital in their major performance area. Two of four upper division lesson credits must precede the junior recital with the remaining two before the senior recital.

All persons majoring in any music field are required to participate in a large ensemble. Music minors must earn four semester hours of large ensemble credit. Only one credit per semester in each area (vocal and/or instrumental) may be applied to this total.

Commercial Voice (59-61 Hours)
MUAP 112 Voice Lesson (Major/Primary) – Lower Division (8 semesters)
MUAP 312 Voice Lesson (Major/Primary) – Upper Division (8 semesters)
MUAS 110/310 Studio Class (voice) (8 semesters)
MURP 380 Junior Recital (voice)
MURP 480 Senior Recital (voice)
MUAV 341 Commercial Country Styles
MUAV 351 Commercial Pop/Rock Styles
MUAV 361 Commercial Gospel, Rhythm & Blues Styles
MUAV 371 Commercial Jazz Styles
MUAP Piano*** (4 semesters)
MUED 352 Advanced Conducting
MUED 362 Vocal Diction
MUHL 442 Vocal Pedagogy
MUHL 463 Vocal Literature
MUMI 342 Music Industry
MURC 421A Studio Techniques I
MURC 421B Studio Techniques II
MURC 421C Studio Techniques III
MUTH 342 Jazz Theory
THMU 323 Singing Actor
MUCL 111/311 Large Vocal Ensemble (8 semesters)
MU_S Small Ensemble**** (2 semesters)
Foreign Language (2 semesters)

Total hours for Bachelor of Music in Performance- Commercial Voice: 86-88

***Advanced piano students may take proficiency exam for up to four semesters of credit. Piano credit may be Class Piano, Private Piano, or a combination of both.
****The student may take courses listed as Small Ensemble to complete this requirement.

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