Institutional Data and Research Analyst - Missouri Baptist University

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Title:  Institutional Data and Research Analyst

Type: Full-time (onsite position)

Area:  Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research (OIER)

  • Basic Function

Data Analysis includes responsibilities in the areas of data collection, data analysis and reporting, data problem solving, and alignment of university goals. Work with individual divisions and departments to assist with specialized accreditation needs across the university.  Oversee the collection and analysis of institutional data.

  • Responsibilities and Authority

Must adhere to the limits of authorized University and Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research policies, procedures, and programs.

Data Collection Responsibilities:

Develop a process to validate, identify, and assist with university data systems to ensure quality of data for use by the university community.

Develop a data collection schedule for assessment and accreditation data on an ongoing basis.

Develop, maintain, and manage a data warehouse for institutional assessment data.

Data Analysis and Reporting Responsibilities: 

Act as a liaison for deans, associate deans, and department directors in obtaining specialized reports, and making recommendations based on the normed standards.

Process data imports/exports that relate to accreditation.

Coordinate data entry and data validation for accreditation data collection and reporting.

Alignment of Strategic Planning Efforts:

Work with university administration, deans, associate deans, faculty, and staff to align strategic planning goals and criteria across the university.

Support the updates to the strategic plan website and process.

  • Relationships

The Data and Research Analyst will observe the following relationships:

Vice-President for Academic Affairs

The Data and Research Analyst is directly responsible to the above person for the following: management of institutional data for academic planning, assessment, and developing tools to track processes and key indicators for success in terms of learning and retention of students at all levels and all locations within the University; directly responsible to the above person for the management of institutional data for accreditation and academic program review within the University; the development and ongoing reporting of a Data Dictionary, Institution Data Set, and Institutional Dashboard. Provide data support for all accreditation needs across campus. 

College Deans and Associate Deans

Collaborate to develop an environment of planning, assessment, and learning within each division and department to create learning environments that promote quality and rigor to improve student retention.

University Community

Create a positive awareness of assessment and data driven decision making as the way of managing improving the campus and learning environment as a whole.

  • Performance Measurement Criteria

Annual program review is conducted by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. This review will include an assessment of the degree to with annual objectives have been accomplished.

  • Minimum Requirements

Education and Experience:

Knowledge and skill in institutional research, assessment, and compiling data using appropriate collection system and able to analyze/summarize data.  Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field.

Computer/Programming Skills:

Working knowledge in Excel, Word, SharePoint, and PowerShell

Ability to program in SQL, R, Power BI

Prefer Python

Personal Qualities:

Professional demeanor, people-oriented, and the ability to network with students and faculty.

Management Skills:

Ability to multi-task

Ability to manage time and be organized

Ability to work independently

Ability to work with others

Communicate effectively, both written and oral.

Spiritual Qualities:

Strong commitment to Jesus Christ and evidence of active participation in a local church.

Integration of faith into all MBU related tasks and activities.

  • Compensation

Commensurate with qualifications and credentials.

Applicants should submit their materials via email to Dr. Lydia Thebeau at