Work Study

The Federal Work Study program is designed to help undergraduate students with financial need meet educational expenses through meaningful employment. The Office of Student Financial Services lists these part-time positions to help students find part-time employment positions on or off campus (at an approved community service site). The positions can range from clerical work to housekeeping. Students are paid at least the current federal minimum wage for hours worked. The amount a student is awarded depends on their financial need and the school’s funding level. The amount a student earns cannot exceed their total Federal Work Study award.

To apply for any of these positions, you must be a current Missouri Baptist University student and have a completed Financial Aid file.

To be considered for a job, you may click Apply for a Job and you will be directed to a short job application. Please remember the code of the job in which you are interested, as you will be asked for this code in the application.

All job applications received with no job code will be discarded!

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