2021-2022 Tuition and Fee Schedule

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Compared to area public and private schools, a quality Christian education at Missouri Baptist University is incredibly affordable. Nearly all students at MBU receive some form of scholarship, and excel academically to make the most of their college experience. There is no difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition, so students from all over the country are able to receive the same costs for their education.

The overall costs of attending MBU are listed below. To gain a better understanding of the amount of financial aid you may receive, complete our Online Scholarship Calculator. For any additional financial aid questions, please contact our financial counselors at (877) 434-1115.

Click on blue titles for more information, or download the 2021-2022 PDF version here.

To view current costs through summer 2021 download the 2020-2021 PDF version here.

Main Campus Undergraduate

Full-time students

Tuition per semester (12-18 credit hours): $14,538
Student Services Fee: $736
Overload Fee (per credit hour >18): $967
Parking Fee: $91
Athletic Fee: $50
Nursing Program Fees: $1,500

Part-time students

Tuition, per credit hour (<12 hours): $1,005
Student Services Fee, per credit hour: $31
Parking Fee: $91



Tuition, per credit hour: $837


Tuition (9-15 credit hours): $7,537
Tuition, per credit hour: $837

Campus Housing/Meal Plans

Resident Students (Per Semester)

Dorm Room Deposit/Damage Fee, $270
Apt Room Deposit/Damage Fee, $415

Pillsbury-Huff & North Hall

Dorm Room & Board 19 meal plan, $4,918
Dorm Room & Board 15 meal plan, $4,800

Spartan Village Row

Room and Board (19 meal plan) $6,052
Room and Board (15 meal plan) $5,933
Room and Board (10 meal plan) $5,781

Spartan Village South

Room and Board (19 meal plan) $5,488
Room and Board (15 meal plan) $5,369

Spartan Village Apartments

On-Campus Apartment 19 meal plan, $6,941
On-Campus Apartment 15 meal plan, $6,827
On-Campus Apartment 10 meal plan, $6,665

Lost Key: $105
Summer On-Campus Apartment Rental, per month (no food service): $588

Non-Resident Students (Semester)

75 Meal Block: $860
10 Meal Commuter Plan: $1,910
15 Meal Commuter Plan: $2,062

Main Campus Graduate Programs


Tuition, per credit hour: $669

Professional Elective Program (PEP), per credit hour: $142

Doctor of Education, per credit hour: $739

Regional Learning Centers

Undergraduate Tuition

Arnold: $436
Franklin County, MO: $436
Farmington: $436
Jefferson College (Hillsboro): $418
John A. Logan: $418
Lewis & Clark: $418
Rend Lake: $418
Troy/Wentzville: $436
BJC: $306

Graduate Tuition

Tuition, per credit hour: $557*

*All Master’s degrees except M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling & M.A. – School Counseling with a Concentration in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. These two degrees
are charged the standard graduate rate of $669 per credit hour.

Distance Learning

Undergraduate Tuition

Undergraduate Tuition, per credit hour: $617

Graduate Tuition

MA Teaching $617
MS Fitness Management: $617
MS Sport Management: $617
MSE Curriculum & Instruction: $617
Education Specialist: $690
MA in Christian Ministry: $690
MA in School Counseling: $690
Master of Educational Technology: $690
Masters in Business Administration: $690
MS in Criminal Justice: $690
Master of Educational Administration: $557
MS in Corporate Security Leadership: $497
MS in Higher Education & Leadership: $551

Adult Online Programs

Bachelors Degree Programs

General Studies: $463 (no fees), per credit hour

Organizational Leadership: $463 (no fees), per credit hour

Sport Management: $463 (no fees), per credit hour

Healthcare Management: $463 (no fees), per credit hour

RN-BSN: $463 (no fees), per credit hour

Criminal Justice: $463 (no fees), per credit hour

Ministry & Leadership: $463 (no fees), per credit hour

Liberal Arts: $463 (no fees), per credit hour

Applied Management: $463 (no fees), per credit hour

Dual Enrollment


Tuition, per credit hour, off-site: $69
Tuition, per credit hour, on campus: $134
Tuition, per credit hour, Buchanan: $124
Tuition, per credit hour, Bowling Green: $124

Service Fees


Activity Course Fee: $36
Clinical Experience, per credit hour: $36
Christian Vocations Fee (CSCE 273): $160
Internship/Practicum Fee, per credit hour: $36
Lab Fee, per credit hour: $36
Prior Learning Portfolio Evaluation Fee, per credit hour: $73
Prior Learning Portfolio Transcript Fee, per credit hour: $303
Seminar Fee (CEWL 473 Senior Seminar): $115
Student Teaching Fee: $520
EDAS WM7 (Watermark License): $160
EDUC 201 (EDAS MoGea): $59


Administrative Withdrawal Fee: $160
Application Fee: $35
Audit Fee, per credit hour: $324
Graduation Fee (Undergraduate): $220
Graduation Fee (Graduate): $240
Schedule Change/Late Registration: $30
Payment Plan Fee (Past Due accounts): $35
Return Check Charge: $30
Transcripts: $10


Class Instrument/Class Piano/Class Voice: $120
Private Music Lessons (30 minutes): $188
Private Music Lessons (45 minutes): $245
Private Music Lessons (60 minutes): $370
Course & Accompanist Fee (30 minutes): $250
Course & Accompanist Fee (45 minutes): $339
Course & Accompanist Fee (60 minutes): $490


ACT Residual Fee: $60
Challenge Test, Administration Fee, per credit hour: $45
ACT/SAT Transcript Fee, per credit hour: $80
Challenge Test, Credit by Exam, per credit hour: $110
Missed Test Fee: $100
CLEP Credit, per credit hour: $80


Course Material Fees

Books IncludEd*

ACCT 213: $118
ACCT 233: $130
BCIS 103: $125
BCIS 203: $125
BIOL 303 (some sections): $80
BUSN 503: $195
KHCS 333: $105
PHYS 103 (some sections): $75
PHYS 363 (some sections): $80
PHYS 383 (some sections): $100

*Courses participating in the Books IncludEd have arranged for your materials to be charged to your account.

Textbooks are available at the MBU Bookstore.

All amounts are provided for planning purposes and subject to change. Revised 3/2021