Student Accounts

students talking in courtyard

The Office of Student Financial Services uses its knowledge and experience to advise its constituents of all the resources available for them to pursue; including scholarships, grants, student loans, parent loans, employment programs and tuition payment plans.

We are pleased to serve the financial needs of the student body from recruitment to graduation.

The Office of Student Financial Services encourages all students to view their student account details via MyMBUAccess.


All accounts are due and payable prior to the first day of classes each semester. The University offers a variety of financial aid to assist students in paying accounts, which are described in the catalog section on financial aid, scholarships, military and veterans’ benefits. All institutional and external aid applications must be completed and submitted to the Student Financial Services Office at least ten working days prior to the first day of classes. The student is responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of all applications. Should arrangements for payment appear necessary, such arrangements should then be made with the Student Financial Services Office in order to finalize official registration. Payment of account balance not covered by scholarships, aid, or an approved payment plan must be completed by the first day of class to avoid a late payment fee of $160.00 being assessed on your student account.   Payments may be made through myMBU Access located online at


It is understood that each student enters for at least one term, and the University assumes the expense of making provisions accordingly. Therefore, a student’s withdrawal does not materially reduce the costs to the University. Tuition refunds are pro-rated from the date withdrawal is approved by the Records Office as follows in the case of a course load status change, such as: overload to full-time, full-time to part-time, a reduction of course load within the part-time status, or complete withdrawal/dismissal from the University.


Important Notice: Card Payment Service Fee Charge