Faith and Research Conference

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4th Annual Faith & Research Conference
Missouri Baptist University
April 7-8, 2022 

Vision Statement 

The Faith and Research Conference at Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis celebrates the intersection of Christian faith and rigorous academic research, promoting collaboration among faculty members and students to augment the building blocks of knowledge in the ultimate pursuit of God’s truth. 

Theme: Mental Health and the Wholeness of Creation 

Our society is increasingly attentive to mental health issues in the face of recent unprecedented challenges to our wellbeing. Our mental health is affected by our perception of ourselves, the wholeness of people in our communities, and the health of our world. As Christians, we must reflect on our current practices and determine how to better love our neighbors and carry their burdens. 

To this end, Missouri Baptist University’s 4th Annual Faith and Research Conference invites proposals for paper presentations, round table panels, breakout discussions and poster sessions addressing the topics of faith, mental health and wholeness. Students and faculty are encouraged to submit proposals interpreting the conference theme broadly and with an eye toward what the various unique research disciplines have to say about faith, mental health and the health of the world. 

Please see the Proposal Submission link for information and guidelines. Collaborative research presentations between faculty members and students are encouraged.