English Four-Year Plan - Missouri Baptist University

English Four-Year Plan

FALL—Semester 1SPRING—Semester 2
ENGL 113: English Comp 1
IDST 101: Collegiate Seminar
(Math/Prob&Stats if BS)
ENGL 123: English Comp 2
(Math/Prob&Stats if BS)
FALL—Semester 3SPRING—Semester 4
(Math/Prob&Stats if BS)
ENGL 203: (World Literary Types)
ENGL 473: (Advanced Grammar Fa-even))
(Math/Prob&Stats if BS)
ENGL 203: World Literary Types
ENGL 283: (Tech for Writing Tutorials)
FALL—Semester 5SPRING—Semester 6
ENGL 333A: (American Lit 1-Fa-even)
ENGL 353A: (British Lit 1-Fa-odd)
ENGL 363: Critical Theories -Fa-even
ENGL 443: (Senior Research Seminar-Fa-odd)
ENGL 453/553: (History of English Lang Fa-odd)
ENGL 473: (Advanced Grammar-Fa-even)
Concentration course*
ENGL 283: Tech for Writing Tutorials
ENGL 333B: (American Lit 2 SP-odd)
ENGL 353B: (British Lit 2 SP-even)
Concentration course*
FALL—Semester 7SPRING—Semester 8
ENGL 333A: American Lit 1-Fa-even
ENGL 353A: British Lit 1-Fa-odd
ENGL 363: Critical Theories-Fa-even
ENGL 443: Senior Research Seminar-Fa-odd
ENGL 453/553: History of English Lang-Fa-odd
ENGL 473: Advanced Grammar -Fa-even
Concentration course*
ENGL 333B: American Lit 2-SP-odd
ENGL 353B: British Lit 2-SP-even
Concentration course*

ENGL 203 World Lit is the pre-req for ALL classes except ENGL473&433

*Concentration = 12 hours in Writing or Literature, concentration in both recommended

ENGL 443: ENGL283 & 403, 413 if fits sequence

ENGL 453/553: ENGL333A&B OR ENGL353A&B if fits sequence

ENGL 473: ENGL123

**minor is probably necessary to meet hours