Why Give to MBU?

Why give to MBU?

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To Say “Thanks”

A donation provides a means of expressing gratitude for a life-changing experience, a “thank you” for shaping your mind for success, a personal stamp of approval of the current strategic direction and vision, or a belief that Missouri Baptist University can and will make a difference with today’s students.

Few people are ever able to give buildings or endow a faculty position, but many can provide an endorsement of an experience.

To Provide Your Vote of Confidence

No matter the size, every gift makes a real difference and counts as a positive vote for the future of Missouri Baptist and its students. For the alumni community, a gift is the only measure by which the college can gauge customer satisfaction and approval. When you give, your leadership inspires participation from others which in turn helps MBU secure even larger gifts from corporations and foundations.

To Support Students

Our students spend their days engaged in lively discussion with professors and classmates, competing on athletic fields, working in the community, and trying to find time to squeeze fun in between. Nearly 9 of every 10 MBU students receive financial assistance that makes their experience possible, and the ability of the college to meet their need is contingent upon the generosity of its supporters.

To Help MBU Maintain its Standard of Excellence

Financial support is central to MBU’s efforts to recruit and retain the best students, faculty, and staff members. In addition, the university must keep its curriculum, technology, facilities, and equipment up to date if it is to provide the highest quality of education.

To Help With the High Cost of Education

Tuition doesn’t cover the cost of educating students. It doesn’t now, nor will it in the future. In fact, costs are outpacing the college’s sources of revenue, and private support must continue to increase in order to maintain the quality of education provided by Missouri Baptist University.