Electronic Bulletin Boards
Do you have an event or important message for the MBU community? An effective way to spread the news is an EBB (Electronic Bulletin Board). With an EBB, your message will be displayed on television screens throughout the main campus. To communicate your message via EBB, please submit a ticket with the form below.

Website Help
If you have any updates or recommendations for changes within your department, please submit a ticket with the form below. For all things related to Canvas, email, CAMS and myMBU, please contact IT.

From brochures to advertisements, the Shine On brand requires design that is visually rich, bold, contemporary and stays true to the Shine On message. If your department needs any design work, please submit a ticket as soon as possible. See below for ticket request deadlines, which DO NOT INCLUDE PRINT TIME:

Click here for the MBU photo archive available on Flickr.

Lead times

Please allow 2-3 weeks for design projects.

*Any other large scale projects will be evaluated upon submission but will require at least a 3 week advance notice, if not sooner

**Please contact us if an urgent project comes up and we can discuss deadline options.