Terms and Conditions

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The purpose of the terms and conditions given below is to provide basic operations of University housing facilities and to give all residents a mutual understanding of operating policies. Missouri Baptist University has the authority to interpret, revise, extend, or grant exceptions to these terms and conditions on the basis of need and merit of individual cases. Any request of exceptions and extensions should be made in writing. All room assignments are made without regard of race, creed, or national origin.

1) A $270.00 housing deposit must accompany each application. The $260.00 is NOT applicable to the rent for the year. Housing deposits are NOT refundable after June 1 for the fall semester or December 1 for the spring semester (applicable only to incoming students). The housing deposit is nonrefundable for any student who voluntarily moves out of the dorm during contract period, is suspended from the dorm, fails to maintain good academic standing, or fails to make satisfactory academic progress.

2) Students who contract with the University for a residence hall assignment agree to remain in the hall for the entire academic year, except for the reason of graduation or for other reasons entirely beyond their control. Any exceptional reason for release from this contract must be approved by the Vice President for Student Development.

3) All resident hall students must have health insurance and updated immunizations in order to reside in the residence halls.

4) The rent payment covers occupancy of the assigned space from the time designated in the Academic Catalog for the residence halls to open until the time stated that residence halls will be closed, or until official withdrawal or dismissal from the University. It does not, however, cover occupancy during University vacation periods. The University reserves the right, whenever necessary or practical, to close halls during these periods or, in the case of residents who must remain during such periods, to make special arrangements and additional charges for occupancy. The dates and times the residence halls will be closed will be posted in the resident halls or can be obtained from the Office of Resident Life.

5) A non-resident guest is subject to University housing policies and procedures. The guest’s actions are the responsibility of the person at whose invitation the guest is on the premises. A guest registration form must be completed and approved by the Resident Life staff in a timely manner in order for guests to stay overnight.

6) The policy on refunds: (a) A resident suspended for academic reasons by the University at the end of a semester or term is entitled to a prorated refund of prepaid rents; (b) A resident who is suspended or expelled by the University or removed from a residence hall for reasons of improper conduct or violation of policy for residence hall or of University regulations is not entitled to any refund of deposit or rent.

7) The University specifically reserves the right (a) to cancel or change any room assignment in the interests of the resident group; (b) enter into any quarters for security inspection, cleaning, repairs, or maintenance; (c) to levy and collect charge for damages to rooms or equipment occasioned by the fault or neglect of the resident.

8) Each resident will observe the following procedures which are intended to provide for prompt and accurate service and protection of property: (a) Check-in personally with Resident Assistant before occupying room; (b) Complete check-in by 8 PM of the first day of classes for the semester or give the Office of Resident Life advance written notice of late arrival; (c) Be a properly registered full-time student of the University; (d) Occupy assigned space in person and not sublease assigned space to another person; (e) Keep room, room equipment, and personal belongings in good order at all times and keep room and room equipment free from damage; (f) Check-out and return room key, mailbox key, and proxy chip to appropriate office when vacating quarters or transferring to another room; (g) Return room key, mailbox key, and proxy chip to appropriate office at end of spring semester and summer sessions if not reassigned for the succeeding period. Failure to return room key, mailbox key, and proxy chip or to check out at those times may result in an extra charge.

9) Any student using an unauthorized key to enter a room or is found trespassing will be subject to dismissal.

10) The University is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property of the resident. Personal property left by the student when the premises are vacated are subject to disposal by the University. The University is not responsible for injury to resident resulting from resident’s use or occupancy of University housing.

11) Residence in housing facilities automatically confers the privilege of participation in the residence hall council established by the residents and the responsibilities for cooperating with Resident Assistants, Resident Director, and other officials on activities and policies for the benefit of the resident group.

12) In the interest of health, safety, protection of property, and conformity with the life-style of the University the following are prohibited in University housing or housing areas at all times: keeping pets (except non-aggressive fish), possession or use of illegal drugs, smoking or chewing tobacco, alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives (including firecrackers, incense, candles, flammable liquids), roughhousing, obscene pictures, advertising, or construction or repair work by residents. No pictures or articles may be tacked or fastened in any way that is damaging to the walls, woodwork, furniture, or electric-light fixtures. The striking of fire by students is prohibited on campus except for use in University approved programs. With the exception of microwaves, cooking and cooking appliances are not permitted in rooms. Food should be stored in such a way as not to attract insects. Additional regulations are outlined in the Resident Life Handbook which can be obtained upon arrival or in the Office of Resident Life.

13) Refrigerators must not exceed 2.5 cubic feet nor use more than two amps.

14) Residence in University housing is based upon the student’s continuance as a student in good standing at Missouri Baptist University. The University may require a resident to vacate the premises if this condition is not met. Any student suspended or expelled from the university will be required to vacate the premises within twenty four hours of written notification.

15) All residents must adhere to the Missouri Baptist University rules and regulations outlined in the Academic Catalog and Resident Life Handbook which are incorporated herein by this reference and for a part of this application.

16) Wrongful or misrepresentation on this or any University form may result in any disciplinary action including expulsion.