Will Nunn: Alumni Success Story

English Teacher at Bernard Middle School, Church Leader, Life Group Leader 
M.A. in Teaching (2010), M.A. in Education Administration (2012), Education Specialist (2014) and Ed.D. student.

Why would someone leave a safe and pleasant neighborhood to share the Gospel? For Will Nunn, the call to move and become a missionary was not to some strange country, but the heart of St. Louis.

From simply chatting with neighbors to hosting life groups and church events with the refugee community, God continues to open doors for Nunn to minister. His authentic and Christ-centric life style ministers to those who otherwise may not accept the Gospel.

“If you tell people you love them and Jesus loves them, but you don’t show love through your actions, it is an unbelievable statement to them,” said Nunn. “As you show love to them, though, they are much more willing to listen about Jesus’ love, because they already miraculously see it in you.”

His weekly life group provides an authentic safe haven for those with lives of hurt to find healing. Neighbors under heavy bondage of addiction have been redeemed, and the lost have been found in Christ. Relationships with Christ grow, and those without local relatives find family.

Since moving to the heart of St. Louis city, Nunn has come to love his community— church and neighborhood—more than imagined.

“We are more aware of our surroundings, seeking more earnestly to see what’s going on in our neighborhood, to understand why it’s happening, and to provide effective assistance when possible,” said Nunn.

With this awareness comes a sense of responsibility to be a part of the answer to his city’s problems.

“In St. Louis, we have a “not my problem” kind of attitude,” said Nunn. “It is very difficult to be following the God who loves people to His death and still look at our city’s problems as ‘not my problem.’ “If all of His people in St. Louis care about His city, we will be able to be a collective light in all of our communities.

Thankfully, the hope of St. Louis does not lie in a person or group alone, but in Christ.

“St. Louis is a beautiful and a broken city. It’s racial, socioeconomic, and spiritual divides go deep and have a long history but the love of Jesus is greater.”

This story was originally published in “Our City,” a feature in the Winter 2015 edition of MBU Magazine.