Mike Maclin: Alumni Success Story

Educator with a vision of hope

Principal of University City High School
B.S. in Communication (2001), M.S. in Education (2005), M.A. in Education Administration (2010), Education Specialist (2014) and Ed.D. student.

On the steps of University City High, the intricate and expansive horticulture and architecture surrounding suggests to visitors that the school inside is elite. Once inside, the feeling never dissipates.

Throughout recent years, University City High School has experienced times of turmoil and turnover. Leadership and teachers came and left, while the education and future of students suffered.

In 2012, the cycle ended.

Mike Maclin stepped aboard as principal with a clear vision of hope for the struggling school. With Maclin at the helm of the high school, the journalism program continues to receive awards in addition to excellence in fine arts, athletics, Project Lead the Way—an engineering program, and computer science.

Almost 90 percent of graduating seniors will go on to attend college. It’s an impressive ratio for sure, but of most significance is that each student is given a chance to succeed in college thanks to the efforts of Maclin and his colleagues.

With such a success story, Maclin has received plenty of promising offers to serve as an educator throughout the country.

Each time, Maclin refused and returned to his home school with pride.

“I’ve had options to leave, but I feel like I’m supposed to be here to specifically help the students of St. Louis,” said Maclin. “This high school and city is not a way station. There is still great work to be done and consistency to maintain.”

For Maclin, serving St. Louis is continuing a legacy.

“Our city badly needs strong role models to mold our city and mentor our students, and I am determined to play my part,” said Maclin. “Like a coin, once a day is spent it is gone, never to be regained. I can squander the day or devote my days fully to the Lord serving his will. I choose to invest my day in Christ.”

From students hoping to break the barrier and become the first generation to attend college to students with a near-perfect act scores, Maclin fully invests in all of his students and community, day and night.

And that’s what has made all the difference to the students and community of University City, St. Louis.

This story was originally published in “Our City,” a feature in the Winter 2015 edition of MBU Magazine.