Luke Sinak: Alumni Success Story


Luke Sinak (’09 B.S. Business Administration) continues a path of success as the Learning and Service Quality Manager at Four Seasons — St. Louis. While working at Missouri’s only five diamond hotel, Sinak leads a team in charge of planning, forecasting, taking inventory and purchasing all items — from ball point pens to the luxurious decor throughout the hotel. In addition, Sinak trains new employees to provide premium client service and leads the hotel’s innovation team.

Sinak’s years at MBU were spent developing a wide array of knowledge and experiences he continues to use everyday. Dr. Karen Kannenberg, and other faculty, were instrumental in Sinak’s professional development. “She (Kannenberg) said be organized and be yourself,” said Sinak. “I’ve taken these things and brought them with me and that’s been a big help.”

A story of shining on.