Kelly Barns: Alumni Success Story


Making faithful impact through exercise

(B.S. in Exercise Science ’16)
Recent alumna Kelly Barns is on the move to continue her education and advance her career in exercise science.

Currently pursuing a master’s degree in nutrition and exercise science, Barns dove into her new community at Southeast Missouri State University. Encouragement from MBU faculty led Barns to challenge herself at SEMO, where she met the professor who hired her as a lab director while working on her continuing education.

“MBU provided me with a community of believers who not only lifted me up but helped propel me closer to my dreams and aspirations,” Barnes said. “I was constantly poured into and prayed for, which helped me survive and succeed through four years of my undergraduate degree.”

While at MBU, she developed a “pretend” program that would allow individuals with disabilities and special needs to jump and learn new skills in a safe and controlled environment. Her dream came to life when Sky Zone Fenton took on her idea. Defying Gravity has since been occurring once or twice a month at Sky Zone Fenton. Through this project, Barnes participated in conversations that ultimately led her to continue her education in an effort to keep changing the world.

She also serves as a female bike technician for the iCan Bike organization during the summer, where individuals with special needs are taught how to ride a two-wheeled bicycle. Barns plans to bring this camp to SEMO in the summer of 2017 to impact the individuals within the community.

A story of shining on.