John Hanger: Alumni Success Story

Between the years of 1984 and 1986, John Hanger (’14, ’15) had 60 college credit hours under his belt, yet did not have a finished degree.

In order to further his career, Hanger realized he needed to finish what he began years ago. He needed a bachelor’s degree.

“I got to where I am today by taking charge of my career,” Hanger said. “I believe that we determine our fate in life and in our work life. My personal life was great, yet my career was at an idle. My performance was great, yet my portfolio lacked the education credentials needed for a promotion.”

He finished his degree at MBU’s regional learning centers on an accelerated track. Hanger continued the path and received his MBA in 2015.

Hangar valued his time with his industry-leading professors. Hanger’s professors William Hutchings and Frederick Luhrs provided real world examples from their tenure in their industries. His instructors’ honesty and integrity left a lasting impression and continues to guide his decisions.

Hanger is a Unit Sales Manager for PepsiCo’s Midwest Region. He not only became a key component to getting his facility recognized as PBC’s Best Place to Work, but also returned a perfect customer satisfaction score in 2014. This past June, Hanger received the prestigious PepsiCo Chairman’s Ring of Honor. Only .0025 percent of the global sales force earns this prestigious award each year.

A story of shining on.