Dr. Kristin Hertweck: Alumni Success Story

Dr. Kristin Hertweck begins career in the medical field. 

Dr. Kristin Hertweck is now seeing patients as the Resident Physician at the University of South Florida. Hertweck and her husband, Willis (’14), moved to Clearwater, Florida in May of 2017 after she finished her time at medical school.

“MBU gave me the background in sciences that I needed to excel in medical school. My personal relationships with the professors was vital,” said Hertweck. “They gave me the encouragement, confidence and push to pursue medicine.”

The education in biology and biochemistry received at MBU was vital in continuing through medical school but it was the professors she met along the way who were essential in the process.

“Dr. Mary Vedamuthu, Dr. Lydia Thebeau and Dr. Jerry Deese were my main sources of inspiration,” Hertweck said. “They supported and encouraged me to pursue what I wanted. They were there for me every step of the way.”

Even when medical school seemed overwhelming, Hertweck kept in contact with her professors and continues to build on the relationships that would outlast her time at MBU.

Through hard work, determination and strong relationships, Dr. Kristin Hertweck is poised to succeed in the medical field.

A story of shining on.