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Frequently Asked Questions

How can tutors at the Writing Lab help with my essays?

We want you to become a better writer. To do so, we help you develop strategies to improve as a writer. The Writing Lab is not here to critique your essays but to work with you to brainstorm, organize, and revise your essay. We will collaborate to help you develop your essay and your identity as a writer.

What can do we do during a tutoring appointment?

The focus of the tutoring session is on what you want to focus on. We can focus on anything you want regarding your writing during the tutoring session. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Review assignment guidelines
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Organize sentences and paragraphs
  • Deepen information and arguments
  • Find research
  • Rethink language choices
  • Discuss grammar and formatting possibilities
  • Create meaningful writing and conversation
  • Discover and explore

Do I need to bring a finished draft?

No, you do not need to bring a draft at all to the Writing Lab. We can help you brainstorm at the very beginning of the assignment and/or work from any place in your writing process.

Can a tutor “fix” my essay for me?

We will not edit your paper because that process will not be the most beneficial for you as a writer and learner. Working together on your essay, we will find the strengths of your essay, as well as the weaknesses of your essay, giving you the tools to revise.

I am not taking an English class this semester, so how can I use the Writing Lab?

 Our tutors can help with any type of writing assignment: personal narratives, research essays and proposals, scientific reports, business plans, news articles, lesson plans, reflection papers, capstone projects, speeches, PowerPoint presentations, and any other type of writing assignment in your classes!

 But, I am a good writer. Why should I use the Writing Lab?

We have students of all levels use the Writing Lab from first-year composition classes to graduate and doctoral classes. Even the staff who work at the Writing Lab use the Writing Lab. The Writing Lab is a place to come talk about your writing.

 Who works in the Writing Lab?

Our tutors are undergraduate students from disciplines across the university.

Will I get an “A” on my paper if I come to the Writing Lab?

There’s no guarantee that you will get an “A,” but we will help you to improve as a writer! We encourage you to continue working on your essay even after leaving the tutoring session.

What are some other resources I can use to help with my paper?

The Writing Lab has an assortment of handouts that are available online and outside of FLD 117/119 for your benefit! These resources are also on the SSC page on MyMBU.

What else does the Writing Lab do?

The Writing Lab has other exciting events to participate in throughout the school year. We have workshops throughout the year on various topics, a writing contest and Writing Week in the fall, and the Portable Writing Lab from 1-3 pm on Fridays in the Perk.