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“Thank you very much for your comments throughout my paper; they were very insightful, and for the most part, I had not even thought about some of the points you brought up. So, I appreciate your recommendations for the ways in which to make my philosophy stronger.” – Kim P.

“Thank you so much for your feedback! I truly do enjoy the tips and advice you give. Organizing my writing has always been the biggest struggle in my mind, and I am always second guessing where to put certain topics so the papers flow. I will take all of your advice and revise my paper accordingly. Thank you again for all your help!”  – Kari L.

“[My writing coach] helped my writing in many ways. She’s helped me grow as a writer. The ASC is a great place to get help because they care about the students as if they were their own.” – Kalie H.

“Thank you so much for the quick turnaround! Your comments and suggestions were very helpful.” – Kristen V.

“I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to help me! These hints will certainly help me. I actually had no idea about the writing lab until the other day. I will definitely be getting in contact with you guys next time I need help!” – Justin N.

“The Writing Lab is a great place to open your writing skills. It helps you find great writing points to start and end your paper.” – Jaron M.

“It systematically organizes my thoughts, tense, and overall structure of my college papers. I can truly say I have become a better writer. It is a welcoming environment and less intimidating than one thinks. I encourage all students to use it.” – Debbie W.

“It’s very therapeutic and calming because I’m filled with clarity and knowledge of what my assignments entail and my purpose of understanding what counseling truly should become.” – Perry