Student Success Center Staff

Katie Dodge, Student Success Advisor

Email:  katie.dodge@mobap.edu

Office: (314) 892-2242

Cell:  (314) 669-5059 

Book an appointment at ssc katie.youcanbook.me

Tim Felton, Student Success Advisor

Email:  timothy.felton@mobap.edu

Office:  (314) 302-2120

Cell: (314) 445-9730 

Book an appointment at ssctimothy.youcanbook.me

Carla Jones, Student Success Advisor

Email:  Carla.jones1@mobap.edu

Office: (314) 392-2287

Cell: (314)329.0076 

Book an appointment at ssccarla.youcanbook.me

Evan Lowis, Student Success Advisor

Email:  Evan.lowis@mobap.edu

Office: (314) 744-5393

Cell: (314) 527-2309 

Book an appointment at sscevan.youcanbook.me

Hannah Tucker, Student Success Advisor

Email:  Hannah.tucker@mobap.edu

Office: (314) 744-7698

Cell: (614) 385-3265 

Book an appointment at sschannah.youcanbook.me

Marie Tudor, Director of International Experiences

Marie Tudor Director of International Experiences, Assessment, & Student Success Projects 

Email:  Marie.tudor@mobap.edu

Office: (314) 392-2348

Cell: (314) 705-2063 

Book an appointment at sscmarie.youcanbook.me

Lisa Woodman Assistant Dean of Student Success

Lisa Woodman Assistant Dean of Student Success 

Email:  Lisa.woodman@mobap.edu

Office: (314) 744-5312

Cell: (314) 292-9626

Amy Goodberlet, Associate Dean of Students

Email:  Amy.goodberlet@mobap.edu

Office: (314) 744-7699