Quest Mentorship Program

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Quest is a mentorship program for incoming students who are admitted on academic probation. These students meet regularly with the director of the ASC or a Quest mentor to achieve their GPA goals. If you have any questions, contact the Director of Student Success, Amy Goodberlet, at or (314)744-7699.

Student Testimonials

“Being in Quest helped put my schedule, time management and grades in place. It was a big responsibility to keep track of my grades on my own, but having my Quest mentor remind me where I stood was incredibly helpful.”

“As a Freshman I needed help adjusting to my new life as an MBU student. The ASC is a wonderful resource for students. Being able to have help when I needed it improved my grades and study skills. Thanks ASC!” – Laronda

“I don’t think I would have had a successful first year in college without Quest because I would have been lost with things like checking grades, making a schedule, and communicating with teachers.  It taught me a lot about the college process that I wouldn’t have heard anywhere else.”  – Nadine

“[My Quest mentor] not only made the transition from high school to college easy for me but helped me reach academic goals that I’ve never met.  She’s the key to my success and many others.” – Philip

“I feel like my first year in college has been successful because this program allowed me to think ahead instead of doing everything at the last minute.  You gave me guidance and help with decisions on when to use a tutoring program or what I need to work on more.  You held me accountable to goals I set in classes.”  – Jabar

“Quest kept me on top of things, helped me create goals to try and reach throughout the semester, and reminded me of important dates. Even if optional, I would be inQuest.”
– Aamaud

“[My Quest mentor] was very encouraging and positive. She was able to make me work harder by breaking down things I can do to get better grades and also helped me organize all of my papers and notes for my classes.” – Almir H.

“I love how I was able to ask questions and get help. I can tell they really care about the students and want to help them.  [Quest] really helped me get a feel of where I was with my grades and the things I needed to do to bring some grades up.” – Sindie M.

“In my first semester of college, I was confronted with a lot of overwhelming stress.  The only thing that kept me on track was Quest.  I love the program and honestly would have dropped out without it.” – T.J.

Additional questions regarding Quest should be directed to Amy Goodberlet,  Director of Student Success, at or (314)744-7699.