Student Activities Staff

Lara Hines-Director of Student Activities

Lara has a Bachelor of Science in Communication/Public Relations. She has a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

SA_Hannah Wood

Hannah Wood- Assistant Director of Student Activities

Hannah has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Minor in Journalism.

SA_Grace Adams

 Grace Adams

Grace is pursuing a degree in Psychology. She serves as the President Elect and Education chair in the Association of Black Collegians. Grace loves cellphone cases, and has nearly 20 of them.

Amanda Bauman


SA_Anna Bertels

Anna Bertels

Anna is pursuing a degree in Ministry and Leadership. She is involved in Circle K, Ministerial Alliance, and is a Student Ambassador for Student Government Association. Anna has been to Zambia Africa 9 times.

SA_Alec Blackford

Alec Blackford

SA_Ragan Briggs

 Ragan Briggs

Ragan is pursuing a degree in Human Services. She is an Administrative Assistant for Student Activities. Her favorite campus event is the Swing Dance.

SA_Victoria Byrd

Victoria Byrd

Victoria is pursuing a degree in Human Services. She is on the Promotional Team for Student Activities. Victoria’s middle name is “Sasha Fierce”.

SA_Madison Click

Madison Click

SA_Justin Crain

Justin Crain

SA_Caleb Davey

Caleb Davey

Caleb is pursuing a degree in Christian Ministry. He is a Student Administrator for Leadership in Student Activities and he serves as President of the Student Government Association. His favorite campus event is The Perk: After Dark.

SA_Lydia Davey

Lydia Davey

SA_Josh DuBoise

 Joshua DuBoise

Josh is pursuing a degree in Worship Arts Technology. He is a member of Campus Activities Board. Josh found MBU on Wikipedia.

SA_Jed Flemming

Jed Flemming

SA_Brittany Gammon

Brittany Gammon

Brittany is pursuing a degree in Journalism and Communication Studies. She serves on the Welcome Weekend Committee. Her favorite campus event is the Homecoming Football game.

SA_Jacob Gingerich

Jake Gingerich

SA_Jenny Hampton

Jenny Hampton

SA_ Christian Robinson

Christian Robinson

SA_Shelby Wannemuehler

Shelby Wannemuehler

SA_Abby Wickham

Abby Wickham

Abby is pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. She is on the Social Media team for Student Activities. Abby is the reigning champ of the collegiate seminar scavenger hunt.

SA_Heidi Wolford

Heidi Wolford

SA_Sarah Wood

Sarah Wood

Sarah is pursuing a degree in Human Services. She is on the Welcome Weekend and Homecoming committee. Sarah says, “I eat like a bird. I only eat three bites of my sandwich and then I am full.