Allusion Auditions

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Auditions for Allusion

Auditions for singers continuing until all places are filled. For audition information or to set up an audition, contact Sarah Dickey in the Fine Arts office.

An application form must be completed and returned to the director at least one week prior to the audition date. The required reference forms may be e-mailed, as well as the required reference letters, if the individual would prefer to do so.

Click here for a list of suggested repertoire for the auditions.

Please print out the audition application, complete it, and return it by mail to:

Fine Arts Office
Missouri Baptist University
One College Park Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63141-8698

What is Allusion? What will be expected of you?

Allusion is the premier vocal jazz ensemble at Missouri Baptist University. Open to a maximum of ten vocalists, three instrumentalists and one or two sound technicians, the group offers experience in performing a variety of primarily secular music, such as jazz and Broadway, etc., as well as some gospel or other similar sacred styles. Participation is by audition only. The group rehearses twice weekly and performs both on and off campus throughout the school year. Members are required to meet the performance schedule. A concerted effort is made to see that students’ academic integrity is not jeopardized by the schedule. Membership is for the nine-month school term. Failure to meet the terms of participation for the entire year will result in loss of scholarship. A minimum GPA is also expected to maintain the scholarship and membership. Freshmen and sophomores must maintain a 2.5 average and upperclassmen must maintain a 3.0. The group represents the school when it performs, so a level of maturity and Christian life-witness is mandatory. Scholarships are made available to all participants who meet and maintain the requirements of the ensemble.

What is involved in the audition?

The audition will be in two parts: 1) the solo audition and 2) the ensemble audition. There will be a brief meeting to discuss the audition process, and answer any questions. Following this meeting, each individual will be taken for a quick check of range, tonal memory and sight-reading. When this is completed we will commence with the individual solo auditions. A description of the expectations of the solo auditions is given below.

After the solo auditions, all singers will be given a short vocal jazz selection to sing for the group audition. A short time will be taken to rehearse the piece together, and then the singers will break for lunch and time to secure their part for the ensemble audition after lunch. The ensemble audition consists of combining singers into quartets to perform the jazz selection. Quartets will be mixed in several combinations until the audition staff feels that they have heard every singer sufficiently.

Announcement of the final selections will be made at a later date.

The solo audition includes:

  • Presentation of two memorized jazz, pop or Broadway selections, no longer than 3 minutes each (make cuts as needed). One should be in a ballad, slow style, the second being in a more up-tempo style If you are unsure about the choice of songs, a short list of suggested songs are attached here . . An accompanist will be available. A taped accompaniment is acceptable, but not preferred. Contemporary Christian music is not preferred because it represents a different style than that for which you are auditioning. Stage presence will be judged.
  • A brief sight-reading passage and melodic sing-back.
  • An interview to get acquainted and find out why you wish to sing with this group.

The ensemble audition consists of:

  • Singing, in quartets, the part for which you are auditioning from the selection presented at solo auditions.
  • Quartets will be mixed and matched to listen for blend.

What are we looking for in the audition?

Personality, love of this style of music, stage presence (comfortable and moving with the music), appropriate style in solo presentation,blend in the ensemble, and an eagerness to work hard. Allusion is a lot of hard work…. but a lot of fun, too. The music is chosen to represent a lot of style, demanding flexibility and daring by the performer. We practice hard in rehearsals, but there is never enough time, so members are expected to rehearse independently when needed. Personal initiative is a trait we look for and expect! We work to learn skills for a professional level performance, both in stage presentation as well as musical sound. Sometimes you stand and sing. Sometimes you must know your left foot from your right! In short, you need to have a high level of energy, desire, and maturity and be willing to work hard but still have a great time.


If chosen, there will be a two-day mandatory pre-school workshop one week before classes begin. Please hold this time open. Details will follow.

Allusion’s Instrumentalists

Allusion works with a basic jazz rhythm section: piano, bass and drums. The base and drums positions are open to students. The auditions are held on an individual basis. Contact Mrs. Lancaster as soon as possible if you are interested in one of these positions.

The drums…

Knowledge of styles is very important: swing, jazz ballad, Latin, etc. Reading percussion charts is important, as is the ability to improvise. Drums provided. Listening to jazz recordings and familiarizing one’s self with the various techniques is important to broadening one’s understanding of accompanying a jazz ensemble.

The bass: heart of the rhythm section…

String or electric bass. String perferred. School can furnish string bass.  Reading charts, improvising from the score both necessary. Listening to jazz recordings and familiarizing one’s self with the various techniques is important to broadening one’s understanding of accompanying a jazz ensemble.

Other instruments…

On occasion, charts call for lead guitar, brass, etc. These would be sought as needed. If you are interested in being considered for these, please give us your name and what you play. At this time there is no permanent scholarship for these positions, but arrangements would be sought.