Spiritual Life Program

The Spiritual Life Program (SLP) is an experience intended to help students grow into who God has designed them to be and to prepare them to lead and serve their communities through their vocation.

The SLP seeks to help students develop holistically through a variety of events and gatherings that focus on spiritual, educational, and cultural maturity. The SLP emphasizes our Christian identity as a University, and it accentuates the University’s Core Values: Faith, Truth, Excellence, Character, & Service. Through the CLP, students will understand their purpose, develop their values, and mature as a leader in their field. 

All undergraduate students on Main Campus are required to complete the SLP. For each semester of full-time enrollment on Main Campus, students are required to earn SLP points. SLP points may be earned from a variety of options, all of which are connected to MBU’s Core Values: Faith, Truth, Excellence, Character, & Social Change. At least ten points must be earned through Chapel attendance.

Participation is recorded and tracked through the iAttended App.

Spiritual Life Program Guides