International Insurance


At MBU F-1 international students are required to have health insurance, and students are automatically enrolled in the International Student Health Plan when they enroll in classes at MBU.  Regardless of the number of credit hours being taken, enrolled international students must participate in the International Student Health Plan.

Insurance Waivers

Waivers may be requested for the following reasons:

  • A student has coverage, which is provided through his/her home country’s government or sponsoring organization.
  • The student is covered under his/her parent’s policy.
  • The student has had a change in life circumstances which necessitates a change in insurance policy, such as marriage.

How to Request a Waiver

The Insurance Request for Waiver Form may be filled out and brought along with proof of insurance coverage (valid insurance card & complete coverage information in English) to the Office of International Student Services.*

This must be done by the end of the first week of class or the charge cannot be removed from the student’s account. 

Completion of the waiver is NOT a guarantee of waiver’s approval.  All insurance plans must meet the same minimum requirements as the University’s plan or a waiver will not be granted.

*Athletes will also need to ensure that their plan meets the same minimum requirements for intercollegiate athletic injuries as the current MBU plan through Lewermark before the Insurance Requirement can be waived.

Length of Coverage

The student health policy year is from the first day of Fall term classes through the day before the following Fall term begins.


The link to the complete policy for MBU international students is:

There are some items that are NOT covered by the policy and ALL STUDENTS are strongly encouraged to READ THE ENTIRE POLICY.  For exclusions of the plan, click on “Plan Exclusions” at the bottom of the page.

For additional questions, please contact The Lewer Agency of Kansas City at (800) 821-7710 or the Office of International Student Services at (314) 744-5301.