International students at MBU are required to have medical insurance through Lewermark. For information on your policy and what is covered, you can view the plan or print out your insurance card here.

Mercy Clinic:

The Mercy Clinic on campus is a great option when you can’t get in to see your regular doctor. Please refer to their website for hours and services.

Urgent Care:

If the Mercy Clinic on campus is unable to treat you, urgent care is a common alternative that can save you money. Although these are off campus, most urgent cares are able to complete necessary medical assistance such as stitches or X-rays.

Emergency Room:

If a medical condition is life or limb-threatening or involves something more serious, please go to the emergency room. The ER and hospital visits, such as specialists, often are costly but sometimes necessary.

Not all off-campus medical practices accept Lewermark for insurance coverage, so please check providers before a medical visit. Please research your options beforehand and have a plan in place in case a medical issue arises.