First-Year Experience Transfer Students

First-Year Experience Transfer StudentsWhy give to MBU?

Hello, MBU Freshmen! This webpage will go along with the information you receive in Collegiate Seminar (the first year student orientation class), but you’re always welcome to come back and visit. Oh, come on. You know you’ll miss us!

Thriving at College

Thriving at College by Alex Chediak is the text book used in Collegiate Seminar. We were privileged to have the author visit campus in the fall of 2011. Want to hear what he had to say?

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Spotlight on the Departments

The departments and offices of MBU are dedicated to helping you have a fulfilling and successful time during your stay at MBU. This document outlines what a few of them have to say about how they can assist you.

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Collegiate Seminar Resources

Small Groups: Small Groups are used in Collegiate Seminar to help further build community among MBU’s first year students. To see your small group assignment, check out Blackboard.

The Pause Project

Ever felt the need to unplug from technology? To truly rest? For extra credit, you can do just that!

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prep U

Zazu from the Lion King sings, “Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen…nobody knows my sorrow”. Too bad Zazu didn’t go to MBU! Every college student will face some kind of struggle during college; if this is you, we want you to know that you are not alone! There are many resources on campus designed to help you as you face different struggles – whether it be learning effective study skills, maintaining relationships, adjusting to dorm life, or something else. Prep U wants to help you connect with these resources by bringing in different speakers who want to see you excel during your time at MBU. Prep U will be held in the Field Academic Hall Conference Room (first floor of FLD, next to the office of Records) on Tuesdays at noon.

Transfer Student Orientation Resources


Campus Life

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