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Missouri Baptist University has partnered with a new volunteering platform called VOMO that is going to help our us serve better, both inside and outside of our walls. MBU is dedicated to impacting our neighborhoods and communities.

VOMO is our Volunteering Hub for making an impact. It has mobile apps (both Android and Apple) that helps make serving as a team easy and fun. In just 3-clicks, you will see local serving opportunities inside our school as well as nonprofits we partner with. There’s also a host of “Do it Yourself” ideas  and over 70,000 opportunities to serve.

To sign up, contact the Spiritual Life Office.

To access VOMO, click here.

To add external service hours to your VOMO account, click here.

The Spiritual Life Office seeks to equip students to bring about societal change by modeling servant leadership and equipping students to serve in a variety of contexts. We desire to see students, faculty, and staff serving in their communities and around the world for the glory of God and the good of others. Each semester, we host an on-campus service day to offer opportunities for the MBU family to give back to the community.

For current Service Days, click here.

In Acts 2, the first disciples came together and had all things in common. So much so, that when a need arose amongst them they shared what they had to help one another, even to the point of selling their own possessions.

Because we have been given a share in the innumerable riches of Christ, we desire to share what we have with one another. The Sharing Shop is a place where anyone who calls MBU home can come in a time of need. A place to find food. A place to find winter clothes. A place to find everyday needs like toothpaste or laundry detergent.